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Why Genesis?

Yay! Welcome here, Your Amazingness : ) Don’t mind me, ‘Amazing’ has become a favorite word…well, until #LAGenesis starts perhaps. Why Genesis? It always pays… Read More »Why Genesis?

‘There is a boy here who has five loaves of barley bread and two fish….’ John 6:9 (Goodnews) During a fellowship interview a few years… Read More »

Somebody shout Titus!

Titus is an important New Testament book for church organization and leadership. It provides guidelines for elders,pastors,and other believers. Paul wrote this book to his longtime companion, Titus. Titus was tough as nails and was often called upon to handle the messiest and most difficult situations. He was a Gentile converted under the ministry of Paul, who stood before jewish leaders in the church at Jerusalem to testify of God’s work among the Gentiles. He delivered Paul’s ‘severe’ letter to the church at Corinth.Read More »Somebody shout Titus!