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INTRO to the 1 & 2 Timothy

‪Timothy was Paul’s protege. Having chosen Timothy to accompany him and Silas on his second missionary journey,  Paul writes to his son in the faith. Timothy, a leader in the church at Ephesus for a time was in his early forties, which  was considered young for such leadership. Paul offers counsel and encouragement in these very personal letters.  These two letters along with Titus, are called “pastoral epistles” because they contain principles for pastoral leadership and care of churches. In addition, they outline the qualifications for ministers.‬

‪First Timothy provides many lessons for faithful leadership in the church. Paul encourages Timothy to fight the good fight. Second Timothy is Paul’s last letter. Paul, in prison, knows that soon he will be executed. He writes his final thought, passing on the torch of leadership. He gives insights for facing persecution and supporting others who are  persecuted. He encourages Timothy to be a good soldier of Jesus Christ. He also shows how to give away leadership and how to assume it at the right time.‬

‪As you read these two letters, be mindful that these are the last words of a great man to a younger person he deeply loves and appreciates. It has been said that the last words are the most tender and the most important. Read and take courage and confidence as you face your battles an next chapter of life.‬

Culled from the Hope Bible by Joel Osteen.

Also for more studies see, Notes on 2 Timothy, 2014 Edition by Dr. Thomas L. Constable

Abraham’s blessings are yours!