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How to KEEP MOVING by Dr. Paul Enenche

May Blessing Sunday with Dr Paul Enenche

By: Dr. Paul Enenche

Understanding what it takes to keep life moving

1. Never allow anything stop you
2. Refuse for your life to be tied down (even during lockdown)
3. Keep taking steps
4. Keep making moves
This means no stopping, no parking, no turning (you can turn only on one condition, if you miss your way)

1. Let not success stop you (2Chron. 7:11; Ex. 33:13, 18, Phil. 3:10)
There are those who park beside their success, and at the point they park, at that point they begin to descend
Don’t come to the point where your popularity exceeds your humility, if you come to that point then calamity is inevitable
No matter how successful you are, there is still something in front that God wants you to achieve (Ex. 33:13, 18, Phil. 3:10)
Don’t let success, anointing or power stop you; there is something in God beyond what you have seen or experienced

2. Let not failure stop you (Micah 7:8; 1 Kings 18:41-45; 2 Kings 4:29-36)
The downfall of a man is not the end of his life
Interceding about something more than once or twice is not unbelief (1 Kings 18:41-45)
Many of us are too quickly stopped by failure
What have you allowed to stop you? Is it the lockdown? Refuse to allow failure stop you.
Most things people call failure are learning experiences and whatever you have learnt from is no longer a problem, it’s a school.

3. Let not victory stop you (2 Sam. 11:1)
Those who over-celebrate victory end up becoming cheap victims
Most times what it took you to get it is what it will take you to keep it
The war may have been won but the peace must be kept, and that requires force
Whatever you did to step into where you are now is what you must do to remain where you are, and if you want to go further, you must do more

4. Let not defeat stop you (1 John 5:4; 4:4; 1 Sam. 30:1-20)
Don’t park beside your defeat
Our destiny is victory
In the midst of a war there are several battles; people may lose a battle but win the war
You might lose some battles in life but determine never to lose the war; your destiny is that of victory
A heavy weight champion may receive several punches but ultimately win the fight
There may be a setback but refuse to step back
Don’t allow your life’s journey to be arrested because you encountered a defeat or a setback

1. Trust God for Divine direction and inspiration for fresh steps and fresh moves (1 Sam. 30:8)
2. Never over-celebrate any success and never over-lament any failure (Prov. 4:18)
Success is like chewing gum, relish the sweetness in the moment, then throw it away and move on – Pst. E. A Adeboye
3. Make progress in one direction or the other daily, no matter how little (Prov. 4:18; Ps. 84:7)
You may not read a whole book in a day but you can read a chapter
You can sharpen that skill
Don’t let days pass with nothing achieved
4. Continue to improve your abilities and grow your potentials (2 Pet. 3:18)
Whatever is visible, audible and tangible is improvable
5. Appreciate profusely for yesterday and accelerate aggressively into tomorrow (Matt. 11:12)

1. Progress only happens when steps are taken (Ex. 14:15)
Prayer steps, study steps etc.

2. Opposition gives way when steps are taken and moves are made
Until you make some moves, the enemy doesn’t think you are serious

3. Destination is only achieved by the taking of steps
A wise man once said ‘If you can’t fly run, if you can’t run walk, if you cannot walk crawl but by all means keep on moving!’

Father we love, praise and adore You for Your Word to us tonight. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I am available as instrument in Your Hands. My life shall not be stagnated. No level of success or victory can arrest my progress, and no failure or defeat will be able to hold me back, in Jesus’ Name

Father, I receive the grace to make this Word real in my life. Father, help me to produce results in my life with this Word that must be produced, in Jesus Name.

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