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As a #LA family member, you need to know and use these vocabs often. 

Now this is fresh!

Greeting: Abraham’s blessings are yours!
Reply: Abraham’s blessings are ours!

Let’s practice it!
0) FRELLO! – FRESH Hello!

1) ALIVE: Always Living In View Of Eternity.

Usage: Q: How are you?

             A: I am ALIVE!

2) FRESH: Favored, Redeemed, Elevated & Spiritually Healthy.

Usage: Q: Are you FRESH today?

             A: I am very FRESH!

3) CHAP : Complete, Holy, Accepted, Perfect.

Usage: Q: Who are you?

             A: I am CHAP or I am a *COOL CHAP.

Usage: Q: How are you?

             A: I’m FRESH, ALIVE and CHAP !

*Bonus: COOL : Crazy Over Our Lord

Usage: Q: Are you still COOL?

            A: I am sooo very COOL!

Feel very free to freestyle. That is what makes us unique – our vocabulary : )


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