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ABC of @theLAfamily


A- Acquaint.

Acquaint yourself with what LA family stands for.

L for Learning, A – for Applying the Scriptures as a family. Our mission is to encourage one more person to love the Word of God.

B – Belong.

Belong to the family.

Yep. You gotta belong. Belong by joining a Whatsapp group, or by following @theLAfamily on Twitter. Find out how to belong by clicking here

C – Commit.

Commit to reading the Bible daily with LA family.

Commit to sharing the thoughts the Spirit inspires in you through His Word for the edification of the saints.

You too can be a mighty tool in the hands of God in this end time. It’s as simple as ABC.

The D is an amazing level to get to someday. When you actually Do Something for God by belonging to the workforce of LA Family.



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