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REMEMBERED BY GOD by Dr. Paul Enenche

May Blessing Sunday with Dr Paul Enenche

By: Dr. Paul Enenche

One of the notorious facts of life is the fact that human beings easily focus on themselves to the exclusion of others

Many times the struggle to make others remember you could be a signature for frustration (Gen. 40:23; 1Sam. 30:6)

1. Man can forget
2. Man can change their mind
3. Man can fail to deliver
4. Man can disappoint
5. Man can betray
6. Man can deceive
7. Man can lie (Num. 23:19)

1. God remembers those who stand for Him in their generation (Gen. 8:1; 6:5-8)
Those who stand for God in times of peace are remembered by God in times of crisis

2. God remembers His Covenant partners and friends (Ps. 105:8; 106:45; Gen. 19:29)
The covenant is a covering for man in times of challenges

3. God remembers the loved ones of His Covenant partners and friends (Gen. 19:29; Ex. 2:24; 6:5)
Your covenant walk with God will make God remember your children, cousins and siblings
Don’t let any devil tell you that you are wasting your time serving God or spending and being spent for the Kingdom

4. God remembers those who sacrifice for the cause of His Kingdom (Ps. 20:1-3; 1Sam. 1:11, 19; Luke 7:1-5)
Your sacrifices establish for you a memorial altar before God that cause you to be remembered in times of need

5. God remembers those who sacrifice for the cause of the needy (Acts 10:1-4; Prov. 21:13; Matt. 5:16)
God remembers those who delete the needs of the needy
If you don’t remember the poor that are near you, how will God who is far from you remember you?

6. God remembers those who persist in prayer in the face of reproach (Gen. 30:22-24)
There are those who have stopped praying, serving and doing what they are meant to do because they feel they have not been remembered by God; refuse to do that.
At times, opposition precede the coming of greatness – the mothers of Samuel, Joseph, John the Baptist were termed barren but God remembered them.
Those who persist in prayer in the face of mockery are remembered by God

7. God remembers those who possess the shout of praise in the midst of war (2Chron. 20:21-22; Num. 10:9; Isa. 23:16)
There is a connection between your worship and your remembrance before God
There is a connection between your praise and your remembrance from Heaven

8. God remembers those who are humble enough to subscribe to His mercy (Ps. 136:23)

Father, thank You for Your Word to me tonight. To You be all the glory Lord in Jesus’ Name.

Father, help me to stand for You in my generation; help me to walk with You in covenant; help me with the grace of sacrifice for Your Kingdom and for the needy; help me with the grace to persist in prayer irrespective of any reproach, shame or mockery I am facing and help me to maintain the shout of praise. Help me Lord to remain humble and remove every trace of pride from my life, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I ask that by Your mercy and covenant, You will remember me, remember my life and family, remember the Church, the Body of Christ, our city, our Nation and our generation by Your mercy and covenant and give us intervention for the salvation and revival of the multitudes and the rescue of the world from the hands of the devil. In this Covid-19 situation remember us and let the afflictions begin to disappear. Let Your plan, Your Will and Your purpose for us be established in this season, O Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

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