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Dr. Paul Enenche

9 Ways to Avoid the Tragedy of a Wasted Life by Dr. Paul Enenche

  1. Maintain quality spirituality.
    Your root in God determines your height in life.
  2. Maintain quality relationships with people.
    Who surrounds you determines what you can survive in life.
  3. Live on purpose. A life of no purpose is a life without profit. Where life is without a bearing, it becomes a burden.
  4. Develop your potentials. Your gift determines your lift. Your potential is your gift to your opportunities. To neglect your gift is to neglect your lift.
  5. Maximize life’s opportunities. Live with a sense of urgency. Seize the moment. Ephesians 5:16
    You need a sense of urgency to fulfill destiny. Procrastination sustains stagnation. You would have been farther than where you are in life, if not that you procrastinated in a lot of areas.
  6. Make impact on people. Matthew 7:12
    “You can get anywhere you want to get to in life, if you can assist as many other people as possible get to where they are going in life.”
    Making a difference is more than living for self.
  7. Avoid strife. 2 Tim 2:24
    Those who strive for excellence don’t strive with people. Every invitation to bitterness is an invitation to backwardness.
  8. Be committed to kingdom service.
    Exodus 23:25
    The blessing is tied to service. The only thing that follows you into eternity is the service you did for God.
  9. Live with the consciousness of eternity.
    Romans 14:12
    Consciousness of eternity imparts caution to action.

Written by Ike Amadi