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Somebody shout Titus!

Titus is an important New Testament book for church organization and leadership. It provides guidelines for elders,pastors,and other believers. Paul wrote this book to his longtime companion, Titus. Titus was tough as nails and was often called upon to handle the messiest and most difficult situations. He was a Gentile converted under the ministry of Paul, who stood before jewish leaders in the church at Jerusalem to testify of God’s work among the Gentiles. He delivered Paul’s ‘severe’ letter to the church at Corinth.When Paul wrote him, he was leading the church on the island of Crete. Crete was a large island in the Mediterranean known for its prosperous agriculture and trading economy. But its prosperity fostered a great deal of excess.
This letter highlights a strategy for church leadership; it presents a clear statement about God’s grace; it provides practical instruction about the roles of men and women.

From this letter, one can gain insight into the life and organization of the early church while garnering principles to lead and to structure today’s church. It will challenge us either to be a trainer or trainee in the ongoing work of the church to communicate God’s grace to spiritually lost men and women.

Culled from the Hope Bible by Joel Osteen.

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