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‘There is a boy here who has five loaves of barley bread and two fish….’ John 6:9 (Goodnews)

During a fellowship interview a few years ago, I sat on the panel and a lady was asked a question I found particularly profound – what she would do if she had only a cup of rice and a fellowship member asked for it?

The story of the little boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes is quite instructive for us today. Oftentimes, we do not surrender resources and ourselves to the kingdom because we erroneously believe that what we have is not enough.

Who would have thought this little boy’s lunch would become such a miracle item? Surely not the boy! We could argue that he gave up his lunch because he probably didn’t even like bread and fish! The point however is that he gave it up! If he didn’t like it (my theory) he could have been selfish and held on to the lunch (like some of us might do) but the Bible recorded he gave it up! And this seemingly insignificant meal became such a miracle. His heroic act gave him a place in the greatest book ever inspired!

What do we have in our possession today? Talents, money, time, intellect, skills? Whatever it is, big or small, can we give it up for the Master’s use? Are we willing to share our ‘lunch’?

It is often said that God doesn’t look for the capable, rather he looks for the available. Men who are willing to give up their loaves and fishes. Men who understand that God is a great multiplier!

‘Lunch’ might seem so insignificant, John 6:9 challenges us to just give it up and see significance sprout!


In Chapter 4, I learnt that Christ knows EVERYTHING! I should never hide anything from him (John 4:17). Also, it is my duty to share the knowledge of Christ – I am saved to save others (John 4:42)!

Chapter 5 teaches me not to be slothful at work – spiritual and secular (John 5:17). I learnt to also ensure I am a good example at all times (John 5:19)

Chapter 6 reminds me never to be terrified of the storms present in my life – I should only allow the I AM step in!


Faithful Father, thank You for the grace to give up my life for Your use; let my sacrifice bring glory to You in Jesus’ name.

Today’s devotional was written by LA family’s Olushola Oludayo