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Why Genesis?


Welcome here, Your Amazingness : )

Don’t mind me, ‘Amazing’ has become a favorite word…well, until #LAGenesis starts perhaps.

Why Genesis?
It always pays to go back to the beginning when you want to discover the mind of God for man.

LA family wants to, in the next four months, discover the mind of God for leadership. Yes, 2014 is our year of Leadership : )

To help us achieve that goal, we will be looking at four books:

1&2 Kings

Wow! Isaiah. I know you’re excited.

Bible refers to us as a Royal Priesthood (kings and priests) (1 Pet 1:9), which makes it important to see how the kings acted in times past, hence 1&2 kings, and of course the great priest of God (Isaiah) who prophesied in the reign of four great kings of Judah: Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz Hezekiah (Isaiah 1:1)

I’ll say, Join me in this exploration.

And as @slimbumzie said, ‘Sounds like fun + insight’ : )

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the first book (Genesis) here

Don’t forget to share at least 1 lesson per chapter. Will make it more fun, and get more people reading.


Ike Amadi
For @TheLAfamily