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Has God Said?

Looking back at the times I have greatly disobeyed God, I see that it was because I chose to consider the suggestions of men who told me that God wasn’t really against doing the very things I did. In the process, my heart got hardened all the more, making it easy for me to disobey God.

When we listen to the suggestions of men inspired by that cunning serpent of old, we put ourselves in enmity with God.

The serpent asked Eve in Gen 3:1, ‘Has God indeed said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden?’ And the more Eve tried to prove what God actually said, the more she was hardened to try out the devil’s suggestion.

‘Has God indeed said’ has caused many an innocent person to stumble.
‘Has God indeed said’ has caused many a person to live below God’s standard for their lives.

We should be able to watch out for cunning serpents used of the devil to cause us to compromise the principles God laid down for us to obey, and flee their presence.
Give no chance to the devil.

Dear Lord, help us to identify the enemy’s voice, and flee the grip of the evil one.
Give us grace to stand firm till the end.


Ike Amadi.