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21 Lessons from the 21 Chapters of #LAJohn by @ddndyon.

John 1/lesson- Jesus is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!

John2/lesson- whatever HE tells you to do, do it!

John3/lesson- unless a person submits to God, he can’t enter(nor benefit from) his kingdom!

John4/lesson- it’s who you are and the way you live that counts before God #lajohn

John5/Lesson- God works continuously, even on the Sabath(day of rest) #lajohn

John6/Lesson- the spirit, and not sheer muscle/will power, makes life #lajohn

John7/lesson- before passing a man as guilty(or not), listen to him and find out what he’s doing #lajohn

John8/lesson- we can depend on God’s word to be true #LaJohn

John9/lesson- we ask the wrong questions and seek whom to blame: we should look instead for what God can do #LaJohn

John10/lesson- God is so much greater than the destroyer and the thief; no one can take away those committed unto him #lajohn

John11/lesson- if you believe(in Jesus), you’ll see the glory of God #lajohn

John12/lesson- hossana! Blessed is he that comes in the name of the lord. #lajohn

John13/lesson- Love one another as Christ loved us(the new commandment) #lajohn

John14/lesson- people who love God obey his commands and follow his words #lajohn

John15/lesson- hating/rejecting Jesus Christ equals hating/rejecting God #lajohn

John16/lesson- we will face difficulties in this godless world but we take heart because Jesus has conquered the world #lajohn

John17/lesson- the goal is for us to be 1 in heart and mind just as the father and the son are one #lajohn

John18/lesson- anyone who has feelings for the truth recognises the voice of Jesus Christ #lajohn

John19/lesson- Jesus only gave up his spirit after he had completed all things. He remained committed till the end! #LAJohn

John20/lesson- if you forgive any sins, they’re gone for good; if you don’t, what are you going to do with them? #LAJohn

John21/lesson- if you love me, feed my lambs! If I want him to stay till I return, what is that to you? #LAJohn

Yay! Thank you @Dnddyon for the amazing shares. The angels have added the Book of John to your shelf in heaven : )

Keep Learning. Keep Applying.