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Matthew 16-20. A Review By #LATeamJoy

Matthew 16

Beware of the principles of negative people; be conscious of their interpretation of the word of God. They so know how to give individual meaning to God’s word to suit their personality and selfish ambition.

Though they know the prophecies as it is written, yet they doubt it when the happenings are right in their faces.  Some of them will question your knowledge and spiritual authority; their insecurities wouldn’t allow them rest.

But I tell you that we know that Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Lamb sent to make us worthy before God. For the estate He has gone to prepare for us who accept to do His will, it can only get better to diligently secure our soul and gain heaven

Matthew 17

Peter was one of the people to see firsthand the transfiguring power of Jesus as the shining light. He was also privilege to hear the heavenly confirmation of Jesus as the begotten son. This was because he found solace moving with Christ.

There are great revelations waiting to be revealed to Gods children this year when we are committedly available for him, such revelation into the realms of power and might. 

Prayer and fasting is one avenue to put us abreast of revelation and gives power through faith to perform great wonders.


The greatest on earth and before the Lord is he who humbles himself like the children, the person in whose strength shall the children be not offended.

Being offended in someone is bad; it weakens the mind and hinders the flow of answered prayers. More dangerously cursed is he through which this offence has emanated.

No matter how painful an offence is, keeping malice will render you unworthy. Better go before the person and discuss his fault. If that fails, ensure you find a witness and repeat this before them for justification.

This is important to ensure not stays in the way of your prayers and when you pray with another agreeing on an issue, it shall be done.  Whatever it is you are asking from God he will do, make sure nobody is offending you.

Matthew 19

In the beginning of this chapter, the word of God confirms why marriages continue to crumble. Lack of understanding that we are made in two endear one party in a marriage to act selfish and inconsiderably.

The counsel of God has the capacity to expose men into the purpose of marriage. Unless if it has to do with fornication, knowledge of marriage should be an everlasting union with other party; man or woman towards a purposeful living.

Love the children and keep Gods commandment to enter into heavens. In addition to keeping the commandment, share what you have with those who do not have.


The kingdom of God is unto everyone the same measure, opportunities and privilege. Every labourer is with same reward no matter the time our service to God starts. When God find you and call you for His purpose, it is wise to answer once as the reward is sure.

The kingdom of God accepts us as the same. No matter when we become committed to Gods work, what works is to continually remain active for Him. May we not be the last in Gods kingdom in Jesus name.

Only our kingdom commitment can determine our position in heaven, not by asking to sit by the side of Christ but by acting right to be worthy of such position. The spirit of committed servant-hood is one of the score cards to attain heavenly recognition.