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The Book of Jude.

‪The book of Jude was written to oppose false teachers and defend the faith. Much of the information in Jude is found in 2 Peter 2. It seems that one borrowed from the other. This letter would’ve been used as a sermon in the writer’s absence.‬

‪The author, Jude, was the brother of James and half-brother of Jesus, although he does not assert this fact. Perhaps his readers were already aware of his relationship with Christ.‬

‪While he intended to write a treatise on salvation, pressing circumstances required him to deal instead with the false teachers. The primary focus of the book is on the faith, the believers and God. Error is assaulted, judgment is threatened, and holiness is encouraged.‬

‪We are encouraged to stand firm in the faith and defend God’s word at all cost.‬

Yes yes! Join LA family contend for the faith by studying the book of JUDE!

The LA family,

*Culled from Hope Bible by Joel Osteen.