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Update: #LA130 Family Units

Since we are growing daily, we don’t want to lose anyone.
We therefore will set up family units of 7 plus 1.
Remember, we are a family. And as family, we must keep in touch one with another, building strong family ties as we go and grow.
And what better cords can tie our hearts together, other than God’s word which we drink daily like babies sucking milk from the same breast.

Don’t be surprised therefore, when you find out that one person always tags you to his #LA130 shares. He is probably your Team Leader, and just wants to make sure you are following. Please encourage him or her by reading your bible and sharing what you learn, tagging him as you do : )

Yep. These groups of 7+1 must endeavor to befriend each other. You are siblings for life…brought together by #LA130.

New persons would most likely be automatically attached to a family unit with a Team Leader to keep things going smoothly. Fine time to practice team bonding, team building and things learnt from leadership erm, classes : )

If you don’t have a team, please tweet at @ikeamadi and he’ll find you one beautiful one : )

Most importantly, Team Leaders urgently wanted…ah! Very so. Please tweet or DM me, ‘I volunteer for TL.’ And even the heavens will be happy.

Remember leadership is essentially service. So even though we mean Team Servant, we use Team Leader : )

I love you too much already, family.

Happy learning and applying of God’s word!

For @thelafamily.

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