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Today’s MeetnGreet Sun 8 Feb via BBM & Whatsapp

Below is a summary from our monthly MeetnGreet chat via BBM and Whatsapp.

Our focus today was what will help us to walk in authority…feel free to add comments at the end.

Our authority is to be employed not necessarily to conquer demons. Necessarily cos it is not the primary reason we were given the authority. The primary reason therefore arises from this passage
Then Jesus came to them and said, β€œAll authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matt. 28:18-20. @NnamdiJuugo

Authority simply means being in charge or having dominion or being in control of any event. – Efe of whatsapp

To walk in authority calls for the knowledge of ” what is our authority? ” @_ekaks

Authority, defines our right. If I know what authority I have I will be able to exercise such whenever am faced with any obstacle. Standing firm in adversity. @Whytekel

Authority signifies like Kel said your right. It is almost always when you are at war that your right comes into question. Usually your ability to defend that right earns you the victory. Basically our authority in Christ would always come in view when an opponent or enemy is challenging it. Hence its appearance in the face of opposition. @NnamdiJuugo

From whatsapp:-
Liz Ekaks: “The power of our authority rests  on the power that is behind the authority. “K.E.Hagin The devil and his powers are obliged to recognise our authority

#LA Efe Fidelis AGBRO: It also depends on the faith we have on that power

Liz Ekaks: How now do we walk in authority. ..daily?

#LA Efe Fidelis AGBRO: By meditating on Gods word daily #LA Efe Fidelis AGBRO: Heb 12:2. Looking unto jesus always and all times

Liz Ekaks: Does that mean I’m walking in authority?

#LA Efe Fidelis AGBRO: You only walk in authority when u first believe in it then u profess it. David defeated goliath because he used d authority he had
Jesus christ also used his authority in defeating d devil in d wilderness. U can exercise urs too

Orode: Aha but David had a purpose for activating that authority
Authority/Power without purpose or place is void, no?

Liz Ekaks: Thought so too. How to..
Should we stay put always to exercise authority
or know it then apply when need be
because this is deeper than just  fighting the devil

Ike Amadi: We must daily realize that we are above and beyond. And not allow defeat into our lives.We must decree things. Let us not stop decreeing.

Liz Ekaks: we need to know our authority to be able to exercise it.
The word reveals all to us
Not only in the Christian dom but beyond. “The believer’s Authority” by Kenneth Hagin

Believers Authority will not be needed if d Authority has not been challenged by a lesser authority dat doesn’t deserve it. Fine,we re more dan Conqueror cos Jesus av won d battle for us on d cross.D devil will still come to challenge dat authority dat is wen we need to exercise d authority.So we can always be ontop n not beneath – @ayanfeolluwa

Walking in authority bears d fruit of God’s promises upon our life. The fruit can be in form of healing, protection, provision etc. It depends on d part dat d devil is challenging. – @ayanfeolluwa

Fruit is d physical evidence of a seed dat is planted. So since u av planted a seed of prayer, confession, declaration, fasting etc den der must be evident result – @ayanfeolluwa

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