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Share Your #LAStory

You might be wondering why you really need to join The LA family when you can read the bible on your own anyway.

There are very many reasons, you will not only read through the bible but get to interact with different people; the best learning experience.See  part of what the Lord has done in our lives by just making that decision to stay committed to Learning and Applying His word.

I have learned lessons. Met people. Grown deeper…&maintained a sanctified TL” – Oluwatobiloba

My life has changed for the better; what I learn here I hadn’t learned anywhere before, at least not with the same revelation. This became my home and school and brought me closer to God.”” – Liz Ekaks

People so wonderful, they just inspire you to be better” –  Oge

‘I learnt to tweet better to know people better to laugh better, to study the word better, to relate better&just become me better.” – CPM (@signetseal)

It’s not for spiritual giants to show off their prowess, it’s for hungry and word thirsty babes who just want more of God“Sometimes, i just felt weary and looked through the hashtag and was encouraged that everyone was studying so i picked up again” – Eloxie

This family is bound by one spirit. I wish u could meet them; I am glad, Like I didn’t expect it to be this way but God’s ways are above ours, sometimes He has more in stock than we can ever imagine” – Ibukun (@Aunty_hotstuff)

You have enriched my life n blessed me in ways you don’t know” – Dupe


“I wish I had the time to keep talking about #la187 beautiful minds n people of whom I do not know. It has been a great experience..”  Hopilina


This family has really been a blessing to me…it brightened up my compulsory holiday…I love you guys…!… there’s never been a dull moment with y’all…y’all made me feel at home when I joined...Amongst a few things…this is the most awesome family ever”  – Omotola

I greet every LA187 member. I can’t tell u hw much I love u all. what will I do without my LA187 family and the reading program?”  Noble Kay

I discovered this beautiful family on twitter.  Reading my bible everyday has become a priority for me. (This was something I had to struggle with for a long while). I’ve made new friends. Friends who are genuine children of God. Something that is hard to find in this day and age.
I’m happy, joyful, excited and really really really glad I met you guys.” – Lola


My goal for joining was to keep up with my bible study and fellowship and communicate with God more. My fellowship with God is richer. I have the extras of fellowship with other brothers and sisters who have a different perspective of God and that is just awesome. I appreciate everyone in the La #187 family.” – Tessy

God gave me the opportunity to serve, I wasn’t invited, I wasn’t summoned….the Bible is the book I have always loved, but with the family,I was opportuned to live it!.” – Damilare 

After reading all these tweets about the @theLAfamily I begin to ask myself what was I doing all these time ehn? Where was I? – Vikie

Why wont you join us?

Come get your story, your life will never be the same. Never.

God bless you.


p.s. Are you a member of LA family? Please share your story to encourage someone by leaving a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Share Your #LAStory”

  1. Whenever I slow down in Bible study, LA Family motivates me to pick up speed. Whenever my Bible reading is shallow, I get encouragement to dig deep. Whenever I read something I don’t understand, I know light will be shed when I take it to the house. I am so blessed to be a part of this family!

  2. A wonderful way to study the Word and stay motivated through the reinforcement of others. Many times my flagging spirit has been revived by this great family. Love to be here.

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