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Please Read: The Benefits of Walking in Love

By Kenneth Hagin

The benefits include health and healing. The best time to get in on it is while you’re young, so you can enjoy the blessings and the benefits of walking in the God-kind of love all the rest of your life.

  1. Walking in love is walking in godliness, (1 Timothy 4:8). Godliness or walking in love is profitable throughout our lives. But if we live for God now and walk in the God-kind of love, it will also be profitable to us when we get to Heaven.
  2. If you want to walk in health, you are going to have to walk in love and keep your tongue! (1 Peter 3:10-11).
  3. If we would learn to walk in love and let that divine love dominate us, it would make all the difference in our lives. It would cure the ills in our homes.
  4. The God-kind of love doesn’t mean that you just give in and let everyone walk all over you. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you act up and bully everyone either. But sometimes the love of God means that you have to be stern and stand up for what you know is right.

“It’s just like the love parents have toward their children. Sometimes parents have to reprimand their children and be very stern with them. Do they discipline their children because they hate them? No, they discipline them because they love them”

  1. God’s love never fails! Therefore, if you are walking in His divine love, you can’t fail. If you are walking in the God-kind of love, His love working in and through you will be more than enough for any situation.
  2. The God-kind of love will put you over in life because God is And walking in God’s love is profitable, not just in this life, but also in the life to come! Enjoy the benefits and great rewards of walking in the love of God.



I will walk in God’s love. I will not criticize others because God’s love works no ill to his neighbor.

When I am walking in God’s love, I can claim God’s best blessings in life. I will be tenderhearted and forgiving; therefore, I shall reap a blessing.

I will keep my tongue from speaking evil, and I will eschew evil and pursue peace with every man.

I thank You, Father; that as I endeavor to grow in the fruit of love, You will help me be all that I can be in You.

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