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My #la187 Testimony

People have known me as  prayerful girl from childhood. But they did not know one thing; I seldom read the bible. Let me say to less than a year ago; all I can confidently say I knew and had read on my own was the four gospels, psalms(few) and proverbs(All). The rest I had an idea about were the first five books and Revelation.That was basically all, apart from the mentions I heard in church, Christian songs and the books I read and famous stories like that of Job, Daniel and the three Hebrew boys but had no idea of the context.

For instance I did not know there was such a book as Nehemiah or Ezekiel.I did not know where to find scriptures unless I used the contents.That was #sad.Now I enrolled to a Christian Leadership school.I was one day randomly chosen to take part in a game.It happened to be a bible based game.I took it easy.My turn came and a picked a paper “mention 3 character traits of Deborah.” I was so surprised I don’t remember having heard of that name in the bible. Because i do my best to attempt every questions I guessed. Hardworking, God fearing and focused. I was asked if I could explain what I meant, I could not because i knew nothing about Deborah.So I lost and I was given a second chance. This time my partner picked the paper and read it to me “He was stoned to death.Even though he was hurt he asked God to forgive them.Who was he?” Honestly I looked to the ceiling.I remembered that story but I couldn’t remember the character. I said Peter. What a shame.I felt so stupid. I disgraced myself.I went home that day challenged; that if I ever wanted to fit in the leadership school i had to read my bible. I had started following plans but stopped in days. I wasn’t just motivated. Then a week had not passed by before i came across a post on my friends facebook page. It was a reading plan for the new testament.I prayed that God would give me the grace to completely follow the plan with no giving up.I felt at home. Bro Ike was so welcoming and encouraged sharing. I learnt a lot from him, and glory to God #la187 came to birth. So I was not going to stop at the new testament,! I can say I have been reading through the whole bible now for 335 days now, and after 352 days I will have for the first time in life read through the whole bible, Isn’t that great? Glory to God who makes all things possible to those who seek.My @la187family helps me grow  as I get to read from each persons view and understanding, I get challenged, take challenges learn new principles and so much from everyone.

Thanks to my dearest brother and friend, more than a mentor to me @ikeamadi who has guided me and is always there through all this and helped me change levels for the better.I thank God for you,I would be somewhere else now reading so many books but the bible.And now I confess that of the uncountable books I have read in life; the bible has changed the whole of me in less than an year. It is just incredible! No book has done to me what the bible does.

Thanks to my awesome and dearest friend @folalana who introduced me to @ikeamadi, you are a friend indeed; and I cannot forget my @la187family who give me the reason to do something everyday.Thanks for sharing and teaching me, you are simply  the best, you will forever be cherished.

To my #GIGS I wish us more grace and as @singetseal would put it; untamed zeal to finish the race. To my buddy @ete_ubom keep the fire burning.

I love you all @la187family.My life is better each new day and  because of you God is raising me higher to levels I never imagined before. I now not only read but apply what i learn in my daily life and there is no way my life will ever be the same.This is my #la187 testimony. I believe God is doing something  Great in each one of us through the program. It is always good to give glory to God; through testimonies alone lives are changed by the power of God.

Finally, may we all be singing on day 187 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

And may the end even be the beginning of more greater things to come. You are blessed.

With love




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