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The LA Family

I remember telling a friend that I have added weight, spiritual weight. It sounds interesting. Ever since I started taking the LA diet, I could see it all around me. My spiritual muscles became flexible than ever, and you know, the more I feed, the more I yearn for; the word of God. I choose to call it the LA spiritual fitness program, with the LA spiritual supplement that nourishes your soul. It has changed my life, and it makes me better with each dawning of the day.

People do exploits. I mean when we see something great done, we can’t help but be amazed and applause. We congratulate and give the best remarks we can. The LAfamily challenged me, that I too can be that person behind the great story. I told myself, if someone can make it happen, I too can. If someone can sit down and make a program that touches lives, as I am touched, then I too can. For we share the same greatness from above.

I am always motivated and admire the greatest mind behind this, @ikeamadi. He transmitted into me this do something attitude that keeps me doing something, at any given time. And the family, too, followed suit. A do something family, and this actually, is taking after our role model, Jesus Christ, who was a do something person too. Sharing with Christ and imitating Him is the best we can yearn for.

So how exactly did I do something? You might be wondering. I volunteered to serve the family, you know what it means to serve, not to mention a world-wide family. So I had it at the back of my mind, that someone is waiting for me. In as much as it was voluntary, It was a commitment too. That I will serve God each day of my life, through serving the family, and honestly, that is how my life was bettered every day. When you create time for God, He makes ways for you. I testify to this. Not to mention that the coordinators are more than encouraging, and always there to save. I have learned patience, humility and optimism. I have become more creative, as I would get involved in the family’s think tank. The word of God has now become part of me, and trust me, there is no better experience. I can’t wait to serve Him more.

My challenge to you: Don’t just be a member of the family, do something more. Volunteer to serve. Is there anything you think could be done to make the family a better one? Share your ideas. You have daily access to internet? Spare some time, share a word or two, be active in a team, do something, then do something more (smile). You will learn more than you imagine. You will love the experience, your leadership skills will not be left behind either, I bet you. I wish you more Grace to not only learn and apply, but willingly serve too. Matthew 23:11 “But the greatest among you shall be your servant.

Thank you all for making it possible. This is just the beginning, there is still more to come, keep it real with @thelafamily. Keep reading it, breathing it and living it in unity. Lafamily, fresh family forever.

With love,
@ekaks /Liz N Ekaks (FB)