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#la187 Day 84: Moi Moi gods via @Oge

Happy new month to everyone. I enjoyed todays reading so much:
Firstly,                                                                    psalm 84:10-12: God’s presence is amazing and yes, I would rather be a servant in His house than a king in satan’s dwelling place….also God says He will never withhold any good thing from us. How blessed and joyful we should be! That will be our testimony this month in Jesus name – amen 2Kings 20:5- God is so merciful. He is just like a dad whose son asked for s/t and He told Hezekiah, don’t worry I have heard your cry, I will heal you so relax. In 22:19-20….He even went as far as holding off His anger and plan to destroy Judah and its people just for Josiah…..I mean that spoke volumes to me because it means God can hold off just about ANYTHING: a plane crash, some flu outbreak, anything for you because you obey and honor Him
Of all the Kings we read about today, it wasa only Hezekiah and Josiah who respected the name of the Lord, His word and obeyed it…..Josiah(who btw became king @ age 8) is a boss. Did anyone see the way he went around the entirety of Judah and even some of Jerusalem, destroying ALL the idols, temples, made to those moi-moi gods eg baal n co…..its just unfortunate that his son did not learn from him and did evil things.
I was a little perturbed on why this was the case….after one king comes and is good, u then have a streak of like 3 ‘bad’ ones….then one good one….
How is it that they did not learn from previous kings, what they did and God’s reaction to it?
Shows u how much satan can have control if you give him the chance. When you are not filled with the word, hence the spirit of God, satan can tell u your head is an orange and you would believe him. He can make a nuisance of you where we are struggling with the same sins God delivered us from (pretty much going back to ur vomit) which is what these kings kept doing….may that never be. Our portion and may our testimony be PERMANENT in Jesus name-AMEN!!
Have a great weekend. Everyone.
God bless you.




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