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#LAIsaiah Devotional Day 18

LAIsaiah MV Day 18

Whoever walks the road, although a fool, shall not go astray. Is 35:8

Most of us are either seeking a purpose or are living our purpose, whether Divinely inspired or not. Whatever the influence, when you make a decision to live a life of purpose, be prepared for all that you thought you knew to be altered.

Recently, a major challenged surfaced that could potentially disrupt my journey. I wanted to panic but spirit held me firmly and began to guide me in how I was to respond. It didn’t help that I could see in the eyes of my colleagues and friends the unspoken thought, ‘this is bigger than her’, and they were right. There was only one way that things could work in my favour – God’s favour.

My church was ending our month of prayer and fasting and I felt the need to continue. So I asked a friend to join me and we set a time that we would meet to pray. Would you believe that throughout the 21 days we did not pray together once, in fact we hardly spoke during this time. No matter how we tried, we couldn’t coordinate. However, there was no doubt that we were in this together. Then I had a revelation, I needed to submit on another level. The catalyst for the fast changed from my desire to God’s requirement of me.
Was I prepared to step up and speak boldly, making demands above my capacity in face of the impossible?
Was I prepared to look the fool when most did not see what I knew?

And, I am learning:
Don’t compartmentalise God, you will frustrate yourself!
It’s ok not to talk; listening is a powerful communicator.
Reading and meditating on the word are superfoods for the soul!
Above all else Praise and Worship the Most High God!

Trust the process, Trust God and hang in there!

Prayer Focus
Dear God, help me to filter out all words, thoughts and actions that are contrary to my faith in You. Draw me closer, take me in confidence that I may always boldy share your goodness to the world around me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by Orode Faka of @thelafamily

Ps. Yes, God did it!

1 thought on “#LAIsaiah Devotional Day 18”

  1. Hauwa @hauwawonder

    Praise Jesus for that testimony. Sometimes the process itself is often the goal. We come out stronger and realize God was only using that issue to tone our spiritual muscles. He’s awesome in His ways. Total submission. More grace to you sis!

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