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#LACorintians Devotional Day 7 by Maxwell Ehi Okoedion (@le_maxx)



In our reading today, Apostle Paul was addressing the Corinthian church’s questions on marriage. It is important to note that the church at Corinth existed in an environment full of sexual immorality, not dissimilar from the world we live in today.
The message of Christ to the Corinthian church is the same message for us today: abstain from sexual immorality.

Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with the gift of marriage and attendant sexual fulfilment. However, the value of our lives is not to be determined by our marital status. Today’s reading encourages us to live for God in any situation in which we were, i.e. married or single, when God called us into His service. It encourages us to be urgent about the work of God and spreading the Gospel.

It also seems that the willing single individual has more time to devote to the cause of the Gospel, as he/she is far less distracted (by marital responsibilities) than the married individual. It is therefore good to be single as it is good to be married. Neither situation is better than the other, what is most important in our lives is that we each play our respective roles assigned to us by God for His purpose, as the time available to each one of us is short.

Are you single? Serve God with all your heart in the capacity in which He has called you.

Are you married? Serve God with all your heart in the capacity in which He has called you.

Prayer Focus
Dear Heavenly Father, please give me a heart that perpetually seeks to do Your good pleasure in all things. Please reveal to me how best to serve You in my present situation and help me to do so in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Written by Maxwell Ehi Okoedion of @thelafamily


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