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Please God Instead: #LA1Kings Devotional Day 8 by Kemi Ogunjimi (@feyily)


For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.
1 Peter 3:17

Many lessons abound in the life of King David. What is right in the sight of God may not be so popular with men; we are to do everything as unto God. The standard of God does not change and we cannot manipulate God.

So many times we fail to obey the word of God. We choose to please people instead of God and God is always waiting for us at the place of obedience to bless us beyond measure.

God is limitless and nothing can be compared with Him. If we obey completely the rewards will not be ours alone it will transcend to generations after us like we saw in the case of king David. God delighted in David because he obeyed the Lord. David was not perfect yet to the best of his ability he did the will of God.

Prayers focus
Lord, help me to obey you completely. Let Your will be done in my life O Lord. Father, delight in me in Jesus Name.

By Kemi Ogunjimi of @theLAfamily

1 thought on “Please God Instead: #LA1Kings Devotional Day 8 by Kemi Ogunjimi (@feyily)”

  1. The results of our disobedience also trickles down generations. From the example of Solomon –>Rehoboam and his children after him.
    may God help us all stay within his instructions.
    no matter how successful we get, God requires our loyalty and fidelity.

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