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#la187 Day 87: The Script for Our Podcast


Welcome to our #la187 podcast for Day 87. Today is Day 87, yay! You know like la187, 87. I like that.

I am again Ese Walter, your host.

I know you are ALIVE – That is, you’re Always Living In view of Eternity.

Today, we read Psalm 87 and 1 Chronicles  chapters 7 through 10.

Okunola Stephanie tweeted and I quote, “Chronicles is such a detailed book that it can be considered tedious, but it shows God cares about the little details of our lives.”

This gives us motivation to keep reading, keep learning and to keep applying.

We learnt quite a lot of things today, and I’ll share a few.

Phebe, one of our Twitter generals noticed that The consequences of sin are far reaching as each clan had tens of thousands, but less than a thousand returned from exile.


“God is interested in where we are coming from. Knowing where we are coming from will help us channel our prayers aright.” That was by Ibukun Awosika.


Veronique commended the loyalty of Saul’s armor bearer, who fell on his sword after seeing his master, Saul, fall on his.


Olu Seun compared his loyalty to that of Uriah, who was not willing to enjoy himself with his wife while his men bled in battle.


Believers must be diligent and loyal to God their Master.


She further observed that protocols were broken for the daughters of Zelophedad.. This shows us that God is interested, both in men and women. Call to him today!


Mercy, posted this to the Whatsapp group:

“Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord.” If only he had repented and asked forgiveness of God, not from Samuel like he did, God would have forgiven him, I believe.


Thank God for his unconditional love. But do we really grasp what Unconditional means? One day we will.


But one thing worth mentioning from Saul’s story is the reaction of the men of Jabesh-Gilead. They didn’t forget how Saul delivered them from the hands of Nay-hash in 1 Samuel 11. That spurred them up to recover the corpses of Saul and Jonathan.

The men of Jabesh-gilead remembered what Saul did for them and showed their appreciation.


Psalm 87 has one recurrent line, “This one was born in Zion.” Zion here refers to the gospel-Church, and glorious things have here been spoken of her. You are part of zion, for you were born in Zion, and Glorious things have also been spoken concerning you!

That is it for today on #la187

Don’t forget keep Learning, Keep Applying!

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