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The LA Family

#la187 Day 81: Who Is This Baal?

2 kings 8:
We see the restoration of everything the woman had lost. Restoration is coming your way in Jesus name.

2 kings 9:
Jehu is made king. The prophecy against the wicked woman, Jezebel comes to pass. 

2 kings 10:
“Come with me and see my zeal for the Lord.” Vs.16Is your zeal for the Lord palpable? Is it visible?
Due to his zeal for God, the temple of Baal was converted to a public toilet. Deep!
But notable also is the fact that Jehu did not obey God completely.
Start strong, finish strong, friend!

2 kings 11:
Joash was seven years old when he became king. Fresh eh! He was preserved for a purpose. I pray he doesn’t fail God, who preserved his life, and made him king!

Funny question:
But who is this Baal that everyone wants to worship? Hian!

Psalm 81:
Ibukun (@Aunty_hotstuff) summarized the psalm thus:
“He is unlike other gods who are after sacrifices, instead he wants our praise and lives dedicated to serving Him”

That was in our whatsapp group. How would you summarize the psalm?