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#LA187: DAY 187 – IT’S DAY 187


Hello Amazing Beloved Caring Devoted Exciting Fun Gracious Humble Inspirational Joyful Kind Loving Meek Noble Outstanding Patient Quality Redeemed Special Transformed Unique Virtuous Wonderful eXtraordinary Youthful Zealous #LA187 Family of Eternal Life!

It’s Day 187! We made itttttttttttttt! Celebration Time!!


Quiz time 🙂

What day is it?

Announcement time 🙂

#LA130 – Learning and Apply the New Testament in 130 Days starts October 1. The family is still ALIVE.

Today, we read Proverbs 31 and Malachi 1-4.

We’ll share 18 Fresh lessons from today’s reading as shared by our #LA187Family on Twitter!

  1. Certain things are good. But not for a king. One of such is wine. Alcohol. Proverbs 31:4.
  2. Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? There are many in #LA187 family, for we love wisdom. Dear men, go for the virtuous and capable! Proverbs 31
  3. God is a Great King. Don’t sacrifice worthless things to God. Malachi 1.
  4. God is a Great King and that very great king loves you. Malachi 1:2. Do you know he loves you? Did He not die for you?
  5. God is a Great King. Family, can you present to your wife/lover/Governor what you present to God? Malachi 1:14.
  6. God covenants with us so that we can have 2 things: Life and Peace. Malachi 2.
  7. God requires reverence of thee. Do your actions show you reverence God! Malachi 2.
  8. Four things to please God. Do not lie or cheat. Walk with Him. Lead a good and righteous life. Turn many from lives of sin. Malachi 2:6.
  9. A priest is the messenger of the king of kings. You didn’t get that, The King of Kings. Speak fresh. Preserve knowledge. You are a priest! Malachi 2:7.
  10. Men must not marry idol worshippers. Malachi 2:11. If you must marry, #MarryWell!
  11. Marriage is important to God. Men must be faithful to their wives, else closed heavens to their prayers. Malachi 2. #MarryWell!
  12. God hates divorce. Malachi 1:14. Very clear. To avoid divorce, therefore, #MarryWell!
  13. Observe that God addresses himself as ‘The Lord of Heaven’s armies’ Heaven’s Armies. Armies. Malachi.
  14. Call God today to fight on your behalf. There is a full battle-ready army at God’s disposal. For you. Malachi.
  15. For God to accept your sacrifice, you must be refined. By the Spirit’s fire. Call to Him today. Malachi 3:2.
  16. Chei! ‘I am God, I do not change.’ Family, why are you afraid of being consumed? By life? By the enemy? By anything? Malachi 3:6.
  17. #LA187 family, do you cheat God? In tithes and offerings? Tidy your books, family, cheat not God! Malachi 3:8-12.
  18. ‘The book of remembrance’. #LA187 family, your name is there… and for good. Malachi 4.

Our memory verse for today was from Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised..



DAY 187

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