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Hello Fantastic #LA187 Family of God! It’s Day 174! May we continually hunger and thirst for the Word.

Quiz time 🙂

Complete the following: The name of the Lord is _________, the righteous run into it and are ____.

Hint: Proverbs 18

Today, we read Proverbs 18 and Hosea 12 – Joel 1.

Dami Poet served a heavy meal today, loaded with all nutrients and vitamins. Too fresh, we have to share it ALL! Enjoy!


I spoke to the prophets;
I myself revealed many visions;
I spoke in parables through the prophets.” – Hosea 12:10

The word of the Lord comes to those who have the Spirit of Prophecy. Now, this is not the exclusive right of general overseers, clerics or members of clergy. The Holy Spirit is the very God that gives us prophetic ability.

What is Prophecy? Tear down images of a man with white pristine beards and with the tiny legs of his locust dinner trapped in his teeth. Don’t think that the prophetic ministry is only for a select few.

1. Prophecy is calling forth those things that BE NOT as though they were. A subsection of this is the ability to SEE clearly into events that are yet to occur.

2. Prophecy is forth-telling. It is simply speaking by the full counsel of the WORD. Just as David spoke about Christ in Psalm 22 and Isaiah did about Him in Isaiah 53.

The word of the Lord comes to #LA187 [insert your name or you can insert mine] today and I speak forth prosperity for [we know the GRACE of God that Christ became poor so that we may be RICH], I speak forth divine Resurrection LIFE for [by His stripes we WERE healed] and [the Same Spirit that rose Christ up quickens this mortal frame (body)]

3. Prophecy unveils. Guys you don’t need any pastor to tell you what to do! Don’t be deceived. The primary and only way God wants to lead you is via by His Spirit. This is the proof of SoNShip [those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God]. Your pastor’s job is to pastor (feed) you with God’s word. Instructions peculiar to you will come via the instrumentality of the Spirit.

Let me add a caveat to this: a pastor will speak; it is up to you to recognize the voice of the Spirit in God’s word.

4. Visions – God enjoys fascinating sights. He loves to see beautiful things. Love sees the best and believes the best. Whatever Love sees, becomes. What do you see? You have the God-potential within you. Do you see anomalies in your life or the hand of God?

[What do you see?] [What you see determines the path of your life]

Extra Serving: Do you know why God used parables? Because the people were hard of hearing and dull. Parables are given so we can gain access to the heavier and weightier matters of the Word. People like Ted Dekker, Lola Ajayi, Ibukun Awosika, and Francine Rivers are gifted with this ability. They may not realize the prophetic implications, but via their stories they are revealing, unveiling the mind of God.

[I believe God by the Cross, perfected our newly created Spirits and we Live via the reality of the Spirit realm] so –>

Prayer: Ephesians 1:16 – 19 – Lord of #LA187 unveil the realities of my identity to me. My eyes shall see, my ears shall hear, my mind will come to knowledge. I walk with prophetic urgency. I speak with prophetic accuracy. The visions of my life are Love visions.


In the womb he attacked his brother;
in his manly vigor he struggled with God. – HOSEA 12:3

Jacob was one man who knew how to do things by his own works. Even from his mother’s womb he tried to obtain things by hook or crook. He hoodwinked his brother and obtained the inheritance by shady means. Even if you say Esau disregarded the firstborn blessing, a true brother would never usurp.

Jacob was favored by God from the womb but in his ignorance he tried to obtain this favor by his own hands. Funny that it was when his opponent was God that he finally began to understand. When the bible says he prevailed with God it doesn’t mean he beat God but that in his struggles he left the place of wrestling BETTER than he started.

How did he get better? Remember the angel touched his thigh and dislocated the bone-sinew-muscle arrangement, such that Jacob could [no longer struggle] and had to [lean on the Angel]. Jacob had to come to a place of Grace where He LEANED entirely on God. No on his shrewd business tactics, administrative acumen, political prowess or social etiquette.

[You don’t have to struggle with God!!! – Especially since God is favorably disposed to blessing you. He gave you Christ! How much more will he give you all things FREELY?]

Many of us fight the fight of faith as though God is our opponent.

Do you know that when Jesus says BE PERFECT, he speaking like God spoke when God said “LIght BE”… Jesus isn’t giving us a command to obey but a blessing to live out. He that is born of God! Are you born of God??? In our manly vigor! We punch the Most High trying to cajole Him to favor us, trying to hoodwink Him into giving us what we want.

You must realize… [Pray for open eyes to see] that God is IN your corner.

Extra Serving: Before you DO something, take time to marinate in the Reality that Christ’s blood purchased for you.
How? Speak it forth. [This is prophecy] –> It is enforcing that which God has DONE in the NOW of your life.

A teaspoon of truth: A Christian is PERFECT. Does this shock you? Well! You are not standing before God in your own righteousness but in the Blood purchased Righteousness of God.


But you must return to your God,
by maintaining love and justice,
and by waiting for your God to return to you. – HOSEA 12:10

Praise God!!! For what was a promissory note in the law has become Reality in Grace. God has returned to us. We don’t have to wait for the Spirit of Prophecy is here – poured out in His fullness!! Are you excited??

Under the old covenant, the person had to DO to become, but under the new covenant we DO because we have Already BECOME. Yet we see many still putting the horse before the cart and they are going nowhere fast.

Ask yourself. Why does God bother with me? He owes us nothing. He doesn’t have to love us. If he decided not to no man can hold him. But He does.. And it is HIS Love that causes us to love.

Can you return if He does not first invite us home? Can we return if we are not first aware that He is loving and like the Father of the prodigal son he is waiting already?

God incites a desire in us. His love prods us to come! His love compels, constrains us. Look for a second at the story of the prodigal son; do you realize that it is actually about the father?

Hold this thought in your mind: –> [I return home]

What are you returning to?

1. A father that is Waiting for You… The Father yearns for a Relationship not for Riches. Read Ephesians, the abundance that God gives us is based entirely on the first principle that we are [accepted in the beloved]

2. A father that will embrace you… C’mon guys! The son was filthy, days, months or even years in the pig sty hotel… He returns home and the Father embraces him, kisses him and showers him with love. God doesn’t condone sin but he doesn’t condemn us. Never approach God with nothing except boldness. Come boldly.

3. A Father that will elevate you. Ahhh! What you mean Dami!! Stopeet! This is blasphemy… Lool. The father made no reference to the son’s crime. He didn’t point to the boy’s folly of leaving home with all his inheritance. He didn’t bring out the account books to do a stock check or finance reconciliation. No!!! He returned the lad back to the place of sonship immediately. He didn’t tell the boy to go sit in the kiddy corner and think about his life. [See next point]

4. A Father that will throw a bash for you. God loves parties!!! C’mon! We were created for his pleasure. He inhabits our praise! Ooooh la laaa… The very boy that was an embarrassment to the family, the proverbial black sheep, the father prints invitation card, calls the best caterers, photographers and media houses, he is going to throw the party of the millennia! All BeCAUSE OF YOU. –> Yes you!!!

[Return home! There is a party with your name on it]

A Cup of Christ: How do you maintain love and justice? Keep your eye on Jesus. Keep your eye on His love. It is because He loves us, that is why we can even spell L.O.V.E …

Justice is not only about punishing evil but also about promoting good. How do you promote good? By the words of your mouth. Justice is saying what God says.

It would have been injustice if the father told the son, I accept you and the son says no! You can’t.

Can we link this to prophecy? Yes! What does God say concerning you? Have you executed justice in your prophetic engagements? Have you spoken the very words of God (love-words)? Have you seen the very mind of God (love-visions)?

Today: I accept the Father’s overwhelming Love and walk thereby. I execute justice in my dealings. I am accepted in the beloved.


Ephraim boasts, “I am very rich!
I have become wealthy!
In all that I have done to gain my wealth,
no one can accuse me of any offense that is actually sinful.”- HOSEA 12:8

This is the victory that overcomes the world (gives us wealth, abundance, health, prosperity) even our [fill in the gap]

What is faith? It is the evidence of things HOPED for.
How does faith work? It works by Love…
What is Hope? It is the anchor of our soul.
What is our soul anchored to? That Christ in you is the Hope of Glory.
Will Hope disappoint? No! We know hope maketh not ashamed for we have the LOVE of God shed abroad in our hearts.

What is this Love? For God so loved that He gave… We love because He first loved us.

Will we now boast like the vain business mogul from Ephraim that we are rich by our own might? Will we now cry out to the world marketplaces that we are self-made men and women?
Will we beat our chests and say that by own might we have achieved prosperity?

This situation is not just peculiar to physical wealth. Have you gotten to a point where you feel that reading your bible, paying your tithe, singing worship songs, giving to the poor is what make God loves you? Then you are just like this Ephraim guy.

Here is a shocker: If you feel that by following LA187 judiciously God suddenly loves you more then you are exactly like Ephraim.

Notice what he says –> in all [I] have DONE… The spotlight was on him.

The analysis of faith-hope-love above shows us that it is God’s LOVE (protos-agape – FIRST LOVE) that causes us to triumph.
We can only boast in God’s LOVE.

It is not a function of what we Do or Don’t Do. It is a function of the Son He gave and the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross.

Ephraim boasts that there is no sin in him, like Jacob he relies on his manly vigor. Sadly God refutes that statement – [All have sinned!]

Gladly He provides a way out – [but the gift of God is eternal life].

Jesus elucidates on the meaning of eternal life – [and this is eternal life that they may know you…]

Everything we DO as Christians merely unveils God’s character to us and IN us. The day you got saved wasn’t the day Jesus just died, NO! It merely means your eyes weren’t opened. Do you see why we must pray Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1, Colossians 1??? Open Eyes! Keen Ears! Sharp Minds!

What will you glory IN?

Do you want to stop masturbation or stealing or lying or whatever works of the flesh? Then look to Jesus _ LOVE, author and finisher of FAITH and the HOPE of glory. Boast in His Cross and count all else as loss.

Bread and Truth: Thank God you are aware of LA187, it is a beautiful system and a glorious family. Invite more people so they can experience the unveiling and revealing of Jesus in them!


Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom. – PROVERBS 18:1

I am very particular about bible translations and surprisingly KJV is probably the only trans that hits the spot when it comes to this verse.

[Use an interlinear bible to help]

Through Desire! Do you know that the only prerequisite to kingdom things is desire? Remember Paul says that we should covet (desire) earnestly the best gifts. Remember Jesus also says hunger and thirst after the kingdom.

Through desire a man separates himself. The sign of true desire is a separation. You cut away from distractions, you cut away from trivial lusts, and you cut away from unnecessary side attractions. Have you separated yourself?

Note: You separate yourself from something to another. The another is that what contains the seed of your desire.

For instance if you want prosperity, cut away from those with poverty mentality and go with those who have evidently created wealth or go with their books.

Intermeddleth with wisdom! This is the key brothers and sisters!!! Imagine a person marinating in wisdom. I took a decision in July to spend at least 5k on books from Andrew Womack to Myles Munroe to Zig Ziglar. Every month, I’d read a different book; study a different bible character and life-personality.

Are you intermeddling with wisdom! La187 is one source of wisdom, but it is not the only one. Have you sat down for yourself, by yourself to intermeddle with wisdom? Sometimes you need to get away from the crowd and intermingle, and mix with the Wisdom of the ages.

Wake up before dawn (5). Stay awake while others have gone to bed. Take 1 hour break at work and head to the toilet to study a single verse. Take evening strolls and intermeddle!

Desire, Separation, Intermeddling, Wisdom…

2. A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself. 3 When the wicked cometh, then cometh also contempt, and with ignominy reproach. 4 The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook. 5 It is not good to accept the person of the wicked, to overthrow the righteous in judgment.

Focus on verse 4… The words of your mouth are as deep waters.
Look at verse 5… It is not good to accept the person of the wicked.

By your words are you rejecting righteousness? By your words are you enhancing the lot of the wicked? I shared my weakness with someone and in minutes the person made feel worse than ever. I closed my eyes and ended my relationship with the person. To her she was right, to me I was right but we both forgot that the person of righteousness is Christ.

When you correcting a person, check to see that your goal is unveil Christ in that person. Don’t assume one position of self-righteousness. Don’t try to point fingers.

Do you know that in Jonathan Christ hopes to be revealed? How do we do that if we keep cursing him? Many Christians display a high level of buffoonery in this aspect. Our prayers are void of understanding and thru our ignorance we elevate the devil more than God.

Check your words, are they in line with the person of righteousness or the person of the wicked.


Our memory verse for today was from Proverbs 18:16

A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men.


DAY 174

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