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#LA187: DAY 152 – Obedience By Doing!


Hello Amazing #LA187 Family of God! It’s Day 152. God bless everyone who is still running with the #LA187 vision. More grace upon your life. More insight. More light. Stay fresh!

Quiz time 🙂

Who murdered Gedaliah?

Hint: Jeremiah 41.

Testimony time 🙂

There seems to be one testimony resounding among #LA187 members on the book of Jeremiah, our eyes are being opened to see new truths. We are blessed indeed!

Today, we read Psalms 146 and Jeremiah 41-44.

All hands on deck in the kitchen today!

Psalms 146 is reiterating what God has told us time and time again, PUT YOUR TRUST IN ME. I AM THE LIVING GOD. MERE MEN CANNOT SAVE YOU. If we take a quick flashback to Jeremiah 17, we see the blessings that belong to those who trust in God and the curses that await those who trust in man.

If there is one thing we have learned from Jeremiah, it is that God loves us so much that he keeps sending us His Word, over and over again to warn us. By obeying His Words, we are assured of blessings, protection and deliverance. The question we should ask ourselves is this: Do we want to hear without doing? Learn without applying? Ask without planning to do? #LA187Family! Let us OBEY by DOING! As we HEAR, let us DO!

@_Ekaks sums it up perfectly: It is always well with us when we obey the voice of God.

True to Johanan’s warning in Jeremiah 40, we see Gedaliah murdered in Chapter 41, by someone he was sharing a meal with, no less. @Eloxie tells us to be gracious and hospitable but cautious and discerning. Not everyone who eats bread with you is your friend. Our dear sister also prayed for us: “May God keep us from treacherous people like Ishmael who wear deception like a cloak. May we always see through their acts.” Resounding Amen to that!

On Jeremiah 42, Ibukun observed that all the promises God made to the Israelites were hinged on OBEDIENCE.

Jeremiah 43:2 refers to all those who opposed Jeremiah’s message from God as PROUD! Pride goes before a fall, pride resists the truth, and pride destroys.

On Jeremiah 44, Ibukun shares that because of the disobedience of the people of Judah, God brought punishment on Egypt. Let us always remember that we are part of a big plan so whatever we do has an effect on others. We need to consider our actions at every point in time.

Our memory verse for today was from Psalms 146:5

Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, Whose hope is in the Lord his God.

#LA187 is happy because God is our helper!


DAY 152

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