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#LA187: DAY 135 –Don’t Lose Your Guard!


Hello Fresh and Flourishing family! It’s Day 135! We pray for more grace for each and every member of this family of God to take the Word we study seriously. As our very dear Ese Walter put it, Align with the Word daily. Learn, apply and let it change you.

Quiz time 🙂

What does the LORD say about those who wait on Him?

Hint: Isaiah 40.

Today, we read Psalms 129 and Isaiah 39-42.

Its official, Ibukun serves the tastiest breakfast!

She dished on Psalms 129 pointing out that no matter how much people plan against, their plans will backfire simply because we have God. She also dished on Isaiah 40, sharing that it is an acknowledgement of who God is. It just shows us that we can neither compare not comprehend our God. He is too much. Every other thing we put our trust in will fail but our God can never fail.

#LA187 Twitter family members had a lot to say on Isaiah 39 – where we see pride creep into the life of King Hezekiah. Also the Babylonian captivity of Judah is foretold.

“Don’t live only for the now like Hezekiah, leave a good heritage for the next generation! Let your vision outlive you! Isaiah39:8.” – @Ogetours

“But surely nothing bad’ll happen in my lifetime. I’ll enjoy peace & stability as long as I live.” May we not be as selfish as Hezekiah” – @Jiokemad

“Oftentimes, our response to a major victory can be our undoing. Do we lose our guard because we have a great testimony?” – @Eloxie

“Selfish Hezekiah sha! He knew how to petition God for life but not repent for his folly. He was okay as long as he was unaffected.” – @Eloxie

“Take decisions with the future & others in view.” – @Eloxie

“The effect of pride and ostentation, and departing from simple reliance on God. Hezekiah got carried away by his possessions.’ – @Ete_Ubom

“Chai. Hezekiah left trouble for his children. Good men leave inheritance.” – @IkeAmadi

On the same chapter, FeyiWonder from our WhatsApp group and our Fresh Cook for the day added that a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children (Proverbs 13:22) but Hezekiah did otherwise. We should know that every action we take has an effect on our generation, we should therefore by mindful of sowing godly seeds into our future.

We are encouraged to personalize Isaiah 41:10-13

Fear not, for I am with you #LA187;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you #LA187,
Yes, I will help you #LA187,
I will uphold you #LA187 with My righteous right hand.’

Behold, all those who were incensed against #LA187
Shall be ashamed and disgraced;
They shall be as nothing,
And those who strive with #LA187 shall perish.

#LA187 shall seek them and not find them—
Those who contended with #LA187.
Those who war against #LA187
Shall be as nothing,
As a nonexistent thing.

For I, the Lord #LA187’s God, will hold #LA187’s right hand,
Saying to #LA187, ‘Fear not, I will help #LA187.’

FeyiWonder served a Fresh one on Isaiah 42:3, “As human beings and Christian counselors, we should not kill the man who is dying with our words, if a man sins we who are standing should help them up with words of encouragement and not condemnation.”

We’ve been fed through and through. Delicioso! More Grace for fresh shares family.

Our memory verse for today was from Psalm 129:4

The LORD is righteous; He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked.

We are cut off from the cord of the wicked because we serve a living God. Amen!



DAY 135

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