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#LA187: DAY 120 – Double For Your Trouble


Happy Sunday Sweet Family! It’s Day 120 and yet another day to feed on the FRESH Word. Receive understanding in Jesus name. How was Church?

Quiz time 🙂

Complete the following: Teach me O LORD _________________.

Hint: Psalms 119 from today’s reading.

Today, we read Psalms 119:26-50 and Job 41- Ecclesiastes 2.

Please note that we’re still on Psalms 119. The period when Psalms matched the Day Number officially ended yesterday (Day 119). Also, from Job, we moved to Ecclesiastes.

We finally parted with the book of Job today. What an awesome ending, the typical life of a believer. Job 42:9 reads “…… for the LORD had ACCEPTED Job”.  #LA187 family, rejoice, for the Lord has accepted us. Remember what the ‘A’ in CHAP stands for? You got it, A for Accepted.

Complete Holy Accepted Perfect #CHAP. Be sure to check out the #LA187 Vocabs page for other #FRESH words.

Now the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning. #LA187 this is our portion in Jesus name.

Oge from our Twitter family affirmed that God is really Jehovah of double recompense and restoration. She further exhorted #LA187 family to stay with God’s word regardless of what the enemy may throw our way.

@Signetseal summed it up thus: “#LA187 Let Job’s story be a lesson in endurance perseverance faithfulness & reverence 4 God in our lives – at d end comes total RESTORATION”.

Job’s latter days were fresher. He received double for his trouble. We see someone receiving double today! Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

Our memory verse for today was from Psalm 119:37

Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your way.

That’s a powerful one. May God keep our eyes focused on the right things always.


DAY 120

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