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#LA187: DAY 107- We Pride Ourselves In The Word Of The LORD


Day 107!!!  Feel free to shout Halleluyah and bless the precious name of the Lord. We’re still growing guys…. Whooopppieeeeee!! Yipppeeeee!!!

From our WhatsApp and Twitter families, the day started off with declarations from our family members:

#LA187 the Lord will remember you for good! – @LA187

Nehemiah 12:43: Also that day they offered Great sacrifices,and rejoiced:For God had made Them rejoice with Great joy:the wives also and the Children rejoiced:so that the Joy. #LA187 Family will be heard even afar off! I pray this will be our Portion this Week IJN!- Olaolu Giwa

…Howbeit our God turned the curse into a blessing. Num 13:2b. I declare today over my La187 family, every curse, shame and disappointment is turning for us to a blessing. – Veronique

May we remember where our citizenship lies and set our minds on the things above. – Olu Seun

Wow….. what a way to start the day right?

We were all excited to jump into the book of Esther…. our favored Queen, woman of God – first and foremost.

Ibukun on what she observed about Queen Esther: “I just want to say something about Esther. Even though she became queen, she still listened to Mordecai. Humility is key! No matter where God takes us to, we should kick against pride.”

Input from Blessing: “Esther was soo humble and that is one virtue we all should have as children of God,”

Yetunde put the icing on the cake: “Hello all. Jus want to say that “instead of being overcome with pride, we should pride ourselves in the word of GOD”……so we can also boast of the word being as sweet as honey.

Its all about JESUS”…. sweeet sweet word, YUM! Keep eating it and feeding your Spirit.

Our beloved Daddy Fresh (@IkeAmadi) asked the amazing family on WhatsApp an important question: “Give on short personal reason why a person should join the #LA187 family”/”What have you benefited from the #LA187 program so far?”. The dam burst and the testimonies began to flow in… we could not keep it short, there was too much to say:

  1. “Where 2/3 are gathered in God’s name God is present and in the presence of God there is fullness of joy! LA187 is gathered in God’s name.”
  2. “So we could study the word of God together.”
  3. “To identify God’s voice, one needs to read His written Word. That’s what we do in LA187 family.”
  4. “To encourage ourselves with the word and build our faith in God.”
  5. “The special grace to run this special race.”
  6. “Word Overflow and Joy Overflow.”
  7. “#FRESH insights into the WORD on the daily.”
  8. “Renewed Zeal and excitement for the Word of God.”
  9. “To be transformed into His image. 2 Corinthians 3:18.”
  10. “The opportunity to interact and receive encouragement from fellow believers.”
  11. “For WhatsApp especially: Listening to anointed voices reciting the memory verses.”
  12. “To get ‘sharpened’ by the Word and in turn sharpen one another. Proverbs 27:17.”
  13. “Sharpening iron with iron.”
  14. “To have an indepth knowledge of the Word of God, and to feed one spirit man with the meat that never diminishes (Bible) and to feed the thirsty soul with the water that never Runs dry! This Family is a place to be.”
  15. “#LA187 appeals to my Spirit and makes me reflect back to God’s leading especially when on Twitter.”
  16. “#LA817 on Twitter and recently here (WhatsApp) is like a City of Refuge in a World of Despair.”
  17. “The things I’ve benefitted: stronger in the Word & it’s nice to have a lovely, supportive group who has the same interest in knowing God that I do.”
  18. “To be frank and candid, #lLA187 has kept Me going, with the constant nudge from wonderful sharing amongst us, it has made Me believe that “though it tarries, it must surely come” there r times wen I feel like I am letting go, times wen I almost gave up, times when i jst can’t have it again, bt then, there comes God’s words with a soothing relief. I was bitter wen I missed “65me” but I am so glad to be part of this great family of God. LA187 is indeed “My school, My home” love U all.”
  19. “LA187 has kept me on track and continually reminded me of the important things.”
  20. “To get another perspective of the word of God from other spirit filled Christians.”
  21. “The mind is like a computer. It believes the data we feed into it. If we feed it truth, it believes, if we feed it lies, it swallows it… It implements dat information into every program it runs n dat information becomes a part of how we act, think n make decisions. In #LA187 family, we choose to feed our minds the truth of d gospel every day n memorize scriptures.”
  22. “In #LA187 family, we understand that we have to turn on d light switch to get the light bulb to do its job, that is why we pick up GOD’s word, open its pages, read, believe n share and dat helps us.”
  23. “#LA187 family gives us access to the light switch which illuminates our hearts.”
  24. “In #LA187 family, we study d word and apply it. Dat is power at our fingertips.”
  25. “LA187 has killed my excuse for not studying the old testament myself. It’s the first time I’d go through the old testament consistently like this and you all make it soooo much fun and real.”


Our daily memory verse was taken from Psalms 107:20-21

He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!

As you soak it all in, be blessed by a piece on Psalms 107 written by our in house poet, Dami:

God’s intrinsic value is goodness. If scientists were to manage to obtain God’s DNA and study it beneath a microscope they would detect 100% goodness. At His very core, beneath all the infinite layers of holiness and love, of power and beauty is GOODNESS. It is for this reason that we are asked to give thanks to Him. Unfortunately most of us are stuck, looking at the world that surrounds us to determine whether we will praise or not. Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good: even if you say you hate God, a million million angels will drown out your doubt with their singing. Even if all your thoughts and emotions are ravaged by questions, look to the stars and hear them exalt God’s goodness. Remember Job?

Speak! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Realize that Christ’s blood has redeemed you from the steely grip of the enemy. Let this be your daily confession, let this be your constant celebration. From the rising of the sun in the east to its setting in the west, glory in God’s goodness, glory in his redemptive act. It is God’s sheer goodness that caused Him to gather us out of lands owned by the prince of this world.  Scattered all across the earth we wandered by prodigal sons, wastrels with no father, but in His infinite goodness He reached out and picked us out one by one.

It would be awesome if men would praise God for His goodness. We have heard a lot about his love, about his holiness, about his might and majesty. It is important that we celebrate His goodness; his wonderful works to the children of men, because he brings satisfaction to the longing soul. There is no one who ever ‘truly’ longs for God that is not filled, no hungry mouth that isn’t satiated with the bread of heaven, no thirsty lip that isn’t doused with the dew of Mount Zion.

You complain that you walk through the valley of death’s shadow? What of those whose habitation is the gorge of death? What of those whose days are spent under the shadow of death, bound in affliction and iron. Yet there is the assurance that God’s goodness extends to even these ones. Even in rebellion, when they dared to cry out to the King of Zion He saved them. His WORD surged through the streets of death as a roaring wind and broke the brass gates, splitting asunder the bars of iron.

Even the drunk in all his folly is better off those who are lost at sea, lost on the ocean of trouble. Yes! They stagger to and fro in their unbelief, like Peter they gaze into the darkness of the wild and tempestuous sea and their souls melt because of trouble. God’s goodness still shines through for when they call, He answers and brings them out of their distress. This is God’s goodness. As a boss he turns rivers into wilderness, he utterly reverses the flow of streams and causes them to dry up.

Will you be wise today? Will you take out your pen and paper and note the goodness of God? Will you train your eyes to recognize the loving-kindness of the King of Zion?

He Really Does!

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