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Happy Birthday @FreshAunty Oluseun – ‘WE LOVE YOU!!’

HBDSeun1 HBDSeun2

Hello Fresh Family, join us today in celebrating our amazing Aunty FRESH!

Oluseun is a dedicated leader within The LA Family who manages all our WhatsApp Families and now heads up our Graphics Team too.

So in true WhatsApp family style we salute you Aunty Fresh and have produced your very own album of Memory Verses to bless your New Year.

Oluseun, your days shall overflow with an everlasting joy, just as you bring an incredible love into all our days. Your zeal for sharing the gospel will never wane and may our Lord continue to bless and strengthen the fruits of your hands!

We Love and Appreciate you!
Your LA Family!

Let us continue to speak words of encouragement into Oluseun’s life, please feel free to leave a comment.

1 thought on “Happy Birthday @FreshAunty Oluseun – ‘WE LOVE YOU!!’”

  1. You are blessed and highly lifted. You will always be celebrated in Jesus name. Happy birthday again darling. Keep shining!

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