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Good Roots = Good Fruits via @reenychic

It is important to realize that our behavior comes from somewhere. Bad behavior is like the bad fruit of a bad tree with bad roots.

You can spend your entire life dealing with outward symptoms, but the bad fruit will manifest somewhere else if the root is not eliminated. The principle never fails: rotten fruit comes from rotten roots, and good fruit comes from good roots.

To really deal with bad fruit, you must follow Paul’s admonition to the Colossians to be “deeply planted” in God.

Firstly, you need to carefully examine your own roots. If they are unpleasant, harmful or abusive, don’t be discouraged; you can be uprooted from that bad soil and transplanted into the good soil of Christ Jesus, so that you become rooted and grounded in Him and in His love.

Remember, uprooting can be painful. Being replanted and becoming rooted and grounded is a process that requires time and effort, but it is by faith and patience that we inherit God’s promises.
Secondly, you must spend time with the word of God. The Word of God will be able to expose to you what kind of roots you have. The word will also show you how you can be translated from the bad soil of sin and satan and transplanted into the good soil of Christ Jesus. #la187 is there to help you achieve that by instilling discipline in the study of God’s word.

We will be looking at other things to consider if you are to be deeply rooted in Christ Jesus.

My prayer for you is that you will be deeply planted and rooted in Christ, producing good fruit wherever you go!

Prayer Starter: Lord, help me to transplant my roots from bad soil and deeply plant them in Christ so that I can be a good tree with good roots, producing good fruit. I know it may be painful, but through faith and patience, I know You will help me make a change in my life.

– Corrine’s truth

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