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By Faith…

By faith you slept last night
By faith you woke up
By faith you entered your car or walked or boarded that aeroplane, train or bus
By faith you crossed the road
By faith you sent your child/ren to school
By faith you will see your husband/wife in the evening
By faith you tell your father/mother goodbye
By faith you flicked away that mosquito
By faith you closed the door on that abusive relationship
By faith you left your country with a suitcase and dreams
By faith you will respond to your debtors
By faith you will answer every failed certification
By faith we eat
By faith we breathe
By faith every minor detail of our life magnifies God’s faithfulness towards us because without faith, many have succumbed to death, grave illnesses or worse a life filled with emptiness and misery.

Stay strong, God loves you and needs you too much to allow you to fall.

For LA family,
– by Orode Faka. @0rode

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