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80…More than a number

Have you ever started reading a book and just lost interest before its completion?Well, I have.
Have you ever, by any chance, set a schedule but after a short time never followed it again?Maybe something came up and you had to adjust, or you were not disciplined enough to stay committed to it; is this familiar with you?
If yes, you are not alone. If no,please reread and take time to remember.
The #la187 family is amazing,the most disciplined group of persons I have encountered so far; do you agree?
Staying committed to reading the bible, consistently, is not a joke. I tried number of times and failed,but that we as a family have made it through to day 80, without fail, is more than encouraging. Sharing of our understanding and revelations not only blesses others, but we gain more in the process. I do not have words enough to describe this journey so far, but I must say it is Gods doing.
Can you believe it? You have been disciplined to read 5 chapters of a book each day without a miss, for 80 days? WELL DONE!WELL DONE!
However,as the literal meaning of the family goes, Learning and Applying,80 days for us should be more than just a number.
So what about it?
Exodus 7:7
“And Moses was fourscore years old, and Aaron fourscore and three years old, when they spake unto Pharaoh.”
A score is an equivalent of 20 years; hence Moses was 80 years old when He spoke to Pharaoh.
Today, at 80, We are called to be the Moses to our world. As Moses spoke out for God, we are called to do the same; we are called to speak BOLDLY for God.
It is now our time to confront Pharaoh(anything that keeps us/people from serving God) from our lives outward.He brought us this far(80 days) to fully apply what we have learned, and the world Has to see the word He has spoken to us,from what we do. #CONFRONT PHARAOH
From Basic mathematics;
80= (7+1)10
We all have it,on the seventh day God rested. Day 8 was a new beginning, wasn’t it?
It is a new beginning for us family! May it come with greater zeal and thirst for the word.
As I said in the beginning, it takes great discipline,to stay committed to a reading plan when no one is penalizing you for failing to anyway.
Thanks be to God, For this desire in our hearts to know more of Him,may our thirst never be quenched, but increase in multiples.
This is a new beginning, time to #confront Pharaoh and #increaselevels, do not stay where you have been for the past 80 days, you must not.
Do something!
May I leave you with this final words; DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR HEART; LISTEN TO THE VOICE AND WORD OF GOD.
Jer 17:9
“”The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?”
God bless you, Happy 80th anniversary

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