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You’re marked for protection (Ezekiel 9) #LAFruits

Ezekiel 9 opens with a call from God to destroyers and executioners. He calls on them to destroy a city that have so vexed Him and done atrocities…But before He sent them on the assignment of destruction, He asked that a specific set of people be marked on their forehead.

Let’s dwell a bit on this category of people: they are people who are hungry for God and His righteousness. They are people who hate the evil prevailing in their society. They are people who are desperate for change and God’s will and purpose to be executed in their generation. They are people burning with the zeal for God and His house. They are people who are willing to stand for and represent God no matter the challenge. They are the people who are not given to worldly standards and way of life. Like the bible says, these people are in anguish over the obscenities happening in our society today. These people live for God everywhere they find themselves.

Back to God’s assignment to the executioners, God asked that after marking these people, the rest of the city and nation be utterly destroyed without mercy.

Lessons learnt include: If you are all out for God and His righteousness, He will be all out to protect, preserve and defend you. This is to show that as real children of God, we are sealed with a mark of preservation and protection. So no matter where destruction emanates from, we safe and secured. Just like the Bible rightly said He gives His angels charge over us that no evil will befall us in any way (Psalm 91:11-12).

Furthermore, this is like the pending doom that would take place on earth. The people with the mark will be likened to those who have received Christ into their lives and who live for Him; these people would be raptured by God and taken to heaven and the rest will be destroyed in the fire.

Some may ask like Ezekiel did in the passage, Would God destroy the whole city? He said He would not feel sorry for anyone of them who were going to pay for what they have done. I pray God gives us the grace to stand for Him till the end.

BBM family.