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Your choice in Fulfilling Divine Prophecies by Dr. W.F. Kumuyi

Introduction: The study of the word is the backbone of the believer. And we pray in the word. Prayer is important after Bible study.

Believing the word that we learn, hear, and study is very important. John 12:37, 38, 42, 44, 46.

When we believe the word of God, then the arm of the Lord, majesty, and possibilities in the word are revealed. It is indispensable that we believe. If you don’t believe, the benefit of the word will not be yours.

The word of God you believe will do good in your life. When you believe, you receive new life, eternal life, grace for salvation, grace for right living, grace to be obedient to God, sanctification, holiness of heart, divine nature, promises of the Lord, you’re lifted from earth to heaven.

If you don’t believe you reject forgiveness, salvation, God’s love, salvation, God’s offer of eternal life, and such will be the lost forever.

God does not force anyone to fulfil His prophecies. Matthew 13:14.

The damned fulfil prophecies of damnation by their personal choice. Mt. 13:!4. You choose what prophecy will come to pass in your life. God does not impose blessing or cursing on you. You get to choose what you want (Deut. 30:20).

Psalm 119:30; Proverbs 1:24

God calls many and those who answer the call are forgiven.
Proverbs 1:33 – Whoso hearkens unto me shall dwell safely.

Your choice in Fulfilling Divine Prophecies

1. The fulfilment of the prophecy of his messengers
2. The fatality of the fear and the praise of men
3. The finality and preeminence of the messiah

1. The fulfilment of the prophecy of his messengers. John 12:37, 40
Matthew 13:14-15
The people’s mind was dull, and their inner man tired.
They refused to hear about heaven, the narrow way, the promise of heaven and the punishment of hell. I will not remain in calamity and darkness. You will not fulfil negative prophecies in Jesus name. Acts 28:25

The reason why the word is coming to you is for conversion, and redemption.

Matthew 23:37
I will make a wise choice to be saved.
Rom 10:16-20

These people saw the Christ, but never saw him as savior nor sought him for the salvation of their soul.
Acts 13:38-41

Others have heard the same word and have believed God, and gone in the strength of the Lord.
They couldn’t enter in because of unbelief.
Hebrews 4:6; Hebrews 10:38-39

2. The fatality of the fear and the praise of men (John 12:42-46).

Your choice will not have a ‘but’.
Your faith will not have a ‘but’.
If a man can take away your desire to serve God, then that man is stronger than you.
John 9:19
Who do you fear more than Christ? More than the word of God you are hearing? Is there a sin partner holding you back? You want to come to God, get rid of that fear, whatever they do make up your mind, “I will get to heaven!

Before the synagogue rejects you, reject them first. Anything that will hinder you from making heaven, even before they put you out, come out! Luke 12:8&9.

You are not a man if you cannot make decisions.

Prov 29:25 – The fear of man brings a snare. You are not a man if you cannot plan your life and say, this is the way, I want to walk in it!

Believe in God so much that your life will not be hanging in the hands of satan or man. 1 Sam 15:24, 26.

Saul had of destiny to enter, but he feared the people.

Take your destiny into your hands. You came into this world alone.

Job 31:34

Are you ashamed of studying the Bible?
Do you have freedom to believe the word you ought to believe.

Revelation 21:6; John 12:43
We cannot be holy or live right if you are afraid. You’ll not be a man, a woman if you are afraid of man. You will not be a man without backbone, if you are afraid.

The pride of life. John 12:43 – The praise of men hindered them from making heaven. You’ll not have courage and conviction if you are seeking to please men all the time.
Do I seek to please men?
The praise of God should be on our heart – not the praise of men.

If you believe in Christ, the word of God, and are willing to live by the word, you will receive the praise of GOd.

When you are saved and sanctified, the agamic nature and propensity to sin is gone.
Rom 2:9
May your honour come from God in Jesus name.

3. The Finality and the Preeminence of the Messiah.
John 12:4-7ff

There is a day of judgement when God will see if your faith matches your knowledge and your actions, your knowledge.

Jesus stood on the word, and did not derail from the word.

Receive the grace, authority, conviction that Jesus had.

At home you will not compromise in your village, at the office.
v.50 -> This commandment, what He requires of us, if we d it to live righteously, we will do it.

From today, you will live by the precepts of the father. The world, the flesh will not conquer you.
Declare: “I will be a conquering saint in Jesus name.”
John 3:17ff; John 5:30.
Abandon your will, and seek the will of the father in Jesus name.
John 8:24. You’ll not change the father’s message because of peoples faces. John 8:28-29
The Father, the grace of God, the strength of God will be with you. Your life will not be pleasing to satan, or to the world. You will do only those things that please him in Jesus name.

Matthew 24:35 – The word of Good will not pass away.

Psalm 119:89 – Forever o Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. Satan will not change it in your life. This word, the word of His presence and his promise will abide in you.
Fear is under your feet in Jesus name.
You will not be unstable, you will be steadfast.
In my family, anywhere I go, forever o Lord, thy word is settled in heaven and settled in my heart.

Pray: Father, I thank you for your word, I believe Your word is settled in heaven.