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WORDS IN SEASON : Walk With God by @kingdom_porter

|• WORDS IN SEASON •| 11/02/2016
¤ Walk With God
• Focus: Genesis 5:24 Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

Only a few had the privilege of walking with God to the point of not experiencing the physical death. Uncle Enoch was one of them. Even the first Adam never had such privilege.

Very little was recorded about Uncle Enoch but the little things recorded contained great things which he did to have qualified for such a rare encounter. When describing Enoch, there was a particular word that kept coming and that was that he was a faithful man. Heb.11:5 calls him a man of faith.

So what does it mean to be faithful? It means:
– Having or showing true and constant support or loyalty
– Deserving trust; keeping your promises or doing what you are supposed to do.

Uncle Enoch’s walk was sincere and true. His loyalty was undoubted. He wasn’t the type that served and trusted God when things were merry and back down when things were rough. In summary, he was completely sold out to God.

He walked with God long enough that God decided to make something extraordinary out of his life. He was so constant with God that God decided to eliminate the distance between them.

Walking/Serving God comes with endless benefits. You cannot walk with God and regret it. God does not use and dump people, He rewards faithfulness like none other. Men may overlook or forget your labour of love but not God!

For as many who have started this journey already, I’ll say remain steadfast and faithful. To those who are yet to start, I ask; what are you waiting for?
Do have a blessed day.

Yours in His Kingdom
Olowo-Ake Oba Tunde
@Kingdom_Porter || 2C074E5F

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