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Who is Asaph?

1 Chro 25; 1 Kings 6:31-39

Asaph was David’s music director David’s Tent of Meeting and at Solomon’s Temple. He wrote twelve Psalms, 50 & 73 – 83.

Asaph was a righteous man, highly regarded, a seer/prophet (2 Chro 29:30)

Asaph served thru the reign of David’s, Solomon’s & Rehoboam’s. His father is Berachiah, Doorkeeper of the Ark. (1 Chro 16)

Asaph lived in Jerusalem. He was a young priest from the tribe of Levi when David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem circa 1000-995BC.

As a close colleague, perhaps friend, of David’s he knew when God gave David the great promise; a son who would be the Messiah, and reign forever.

He also heard David tell the people & elders of Israel that his son Solomon was the answer to God’s promise of a son who would build God’s temple.

He witnessed the death of David, Solomon’s accession, the building of the Temple.

Asaph also saw the Israel’s decline as Solomon began to appear to turn away from God.

Asaph’s importance is due to the depth of his psalms, which mirror the changes he witnessed in reign and spiritual governance in Jerusalem.

The psalms of Asaph are a reflection of events in his life apparently written towards the latter part of his life.

Asaph’s psalms are honest. He’s often conflicted & struggles to find understanding in times of injustice, especially in Solomon & Rehoboam’s reigns.

Throughout his psalms, Asaph is seeking & finds God’s faithfulness a strong tower of hope.