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What to Do in Stressful Times by ArchBishop Benson Idahosa

Archbishop Benson Idahosa

When you don’t believe that God can handle an issue better than you, you panic.

When you don’t have confidence, you panic.

How to handle panicky situation brought about by negative thinking. There is no witch as powerful as negative thinking, and no wizard as strong as unbelief.

If God be for me, no one can be against me.

2 kings 6:15

In everything that will challenge your life, God will be present. But woe to the man or woman that will panic and the sound of the voice of the devil.

It takes faith to believe that your property and life do not belong to the devil.

The eye of faith does not see naturally. It sees beyond the natural. It sees trouble and sees God above that trouble.

Excerpts by Ikechukwu Amadi