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Welcome to EXODUS! by @Nnamdijuugo

Hello guys! 
Hope your weekend has been restful so far. And for us who gats enter office do one or two things, ndo.
Finally we have entered the second book of the Bible: Exodus. One book that has been the source of controversy in the modern church. Some churches would describe as the necessary guidelines God gave us for life and living, some others would define it in the era in which it was delivered: Old Testament. Old Covenant, old agreement, old way of relating with God. The law that had no relevance in this grace fuelled era.

Atheists would define the book of Exodus (and the succeeding books of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) as a bunch of humanly thought up rules and regulations to restrict human behaviour to fit a limiting construct; one that was bound to be broken, overshadowed, an era that would die completely away with time.
This book Exodus is going to cause a lot of discussions of ‘what ifs’, ‘why this’ and ‘why nots’ but I  believe that with the help of The Holy Spirit, we all would truly understand the true place of the law in our Christian  lives today.

Ehem, welcome to Exodus!

(Not Gods and Kings oh😒)