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True Repentance by W.F. Kumuyi

True Repentance

by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

Mere confession without turning away from sin is not repentance.

Exodus 9:27-28,34

1 Sam 15:24

Saul confessed but did not turn away from his sin. Does your repentance and confession make you so hate the sin, that you never go back to do it.

1 Samuel 28:7
Matthew 3:7

1. The depraved condition of the religious without repentance
2. The divine call to repentance and reconciliation.
3. The distinctive character of righteousness after repentance.

1. The Depraved Condition of the Religious Without Repentance

As preachers, we need to know the people we are leading to the Lord. And our preaching should reach the people. IT should reach their hearts. What did John the Baptist know about these people ? (v. 7)

A repentant person will not tempt the Lord. He will not tempt preachers. He will not be going around tempting pastors, and people.

Inside, there is degradation; and if we are going to go to heaven, there is going to be an inward cleansing.
Matthew 23:33; They were following Jesus Christ, uet they were a generation of vipers. Preaching the gospel of the Lord and the message of salvation is a very serious thing., so that people will be saved.

John 8:38; Matthew 3:10; 7:19

We see their natural, simple, and depraved condition, and call them to repentance.

2. The Divine Call to Repentance.
You turn away your affections from the world and turn it to the living GOd. Cutting off and destruction is the final end of those who do not follow after God.

After you have repented of your sin, you are on your way to heaven. Don’t allow people to use you to bring approval to their sin.

Matthew 1:20; Mark 1:14-15; Luke 13:1

Except you repent you shall perish.

God’s call convicts us of the guild of offending a living God.
Confession must be real, with a thorough renunciation of sin. You forsake all sin with heartfelt decision and pleading for mercy becomes spontaneous and sincere loving to Christ and believing his efficacious atonement grants salvation. The Holy Spirit then gives witness with our spirit, and we have assurance of forgiveness, of salvation, reconciliation and eternal life.

I pray you will always remember how you were saved, and this same salvation you must present to all you preach to.

3. The distinctive character of righteousness after repentance.
There must be real, genuine conversion after repentance.

Its not about getting people into church and keeping them busy in the church. It’s not about pegging people down with responsibility. The nature of the viper and the snake and occultism must be destroyed in them. They must go through the word of God, until they are sure that they are saved. It is not just activity, they must have salvation.

“Bring forth therefore fruit meet for repentance.” Matthew 3:8
Jonah 3:4
1 Cor 15:34 – Awake to righteousness and sin no more.
Rev. 2:5; 2 Cor 5:17

Behold all things have become new. Your life is new, your heart is new, and the Lord will bless the work of your hearts in Jesus name.