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#TheLAFamily Devotional ‘Honest On The Job’ by @sholape1


‘The men in charge of the work were thoroughly honest, so there was no need to require them to account for the funds’ 2 Kings 12:15 (Goodnews)

Last week Saturday, I had a funny conversation with my mum regarding money and like an average Yoruba woman, she said ‘owo olowo ati owo eni, ki Olorun ma fi won wa‘ meaning ‘may God not let us lack money – whether owned or entrusted’. She could not control her amusement when I told her spending the money entrusted in her care will only amount to debt because she has to account for the money!

The verse above, tells of the workmen in charge of repairs at the temple. They were hardworking, dedicated to the cause and, importantly, they were honest! They were not zealous because of what they could get out of the repairs neither did they dip their hands into the purse, they just wanted the temple repaired and they did an honest job of it that the King, and Priest, did not have to ask them to account for how the funds were being spent.

Similarly, as God’s children, we should ensure that we are honest in the discharge of our duties. Whatever is entrusted into our care should be handled with utmost diligence and sincerity.

Are we responsible and trustworthy? Can our supervisors go to sleep knowing that we will be faithful in our dealings?
Do we dip our hands into the cookie jar to take a ‘little’ bite off?
Are we honest servants?
Do we give out information given to us in confidence?

One of the plagues we face today is lack of leaders who are not accountable. Who misappropriate State funds and do not care if the repair is done, as long as their own pockets are ‘repaired’ and refilled! Everyone agrees, right?
Sadly the truth is we are not very different from these men! We also ‘borrow’ from church funds in our care and buy lunch for our friends with the welfare funds at work, we of course intend to return it unfortunately we don’t eventually get to it!

Therefore, as we intercede for our nation as a family, we should ask that God make us responsible individuals committed to building the ruins of this nation. In the church, at home, at our offices, schools, we should strive to be better custodians of whatever (big or small) is in our trust.

Prayer Focus
Faithful Father, I ask that You meet my needs and build such strong character of honesty in me in Jesus’ amazing name, Amen.

Written by Olushola Oludayo of @theLAfamily