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The Turnaround Power of the Word Pt. 2

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The Turnaround Power of the Word
by Dr. David Oyedepo

Redemption makes you a turnaround being. Proverbs 4:18

Things are not allowed to stay in your life in the same spot. You have gone around this mountain too long, time to change levels!

It is a concern to God when we remain at the same spot.

Light is the custodian of our turnaround mystery. At the root of every turnaround is the outbreak of light.

Isaiah 60:1

You arise to the demands to access the light. Ephesians 5:14.

Awake and arise, and then you can receive LIGHT.

Light is not something you wait for, it is something you work at.

Hebrews 1:3 – The word puts you in command.

Genesis 1:1-11 – The turnaround power of the word.

God’s word is the key to your turnaround. That’s why we need teaching priests – priests endued with the light of God, through whose light you see light.

There are people in every generation that it is through their light that we see light. Through the ministry of TL Osborn, I met the Holy Ghost. I never knew He was a person, but through the light that God gave him, I saw light.

Matthew 6:33 – The ever winning ticket of life was revealed to me through the ministry of another man of God.

It is not just the author you hear when you are reading, it is he who gave the author the light that you hear.

2 Chronicles 26:5

I am a student of many great people who taught me out of nothingness into somethingness.

There are things that you cannot see from the word of God even though you read the Bible many times, but you can see if from the books of other men of God.

It is not enough to read the letters, you must endeavour to see the light.

Turnaround only answers to the efficacy of light! It has nothing to do with age; If you have no light, you have no testimonies.

I have gotten some dangerous light on the irresistibility of my fruitfulness. It is not luck, it is light.

There are places the devil can’t reach, and that’s what God is turning your life into this month in Jesus name.

Mark 10. That confusion will be turned into celebration forever in Jesus name.

You don’t wait for a turnaround, you enforce it by engaging light with faith.

“Whatever he tells you to do, you do it because you believe it.”

Stop waiting for your turnaround, go ahead and work it out.

1. The Sent Word
The sent word puts you in supernatural command. The sent word gives you confidence. Romans 4:18

Only men of the Spirit can access the sent word – Rhema.

Rhema (the sent word) turns the greatness in you out!

May this month be to you a month of unusual turnaround.

Most of the time the sent word comes as instructions that are ordained for your distinction.

This month, whatever is holding back any aspect of your greatness is unveiled by the sent word.

2. The Right Word.
2 Timothy 2:15

Study to show yourself approved unto God.

Right word – Holy Ghost interpreted scripture.

No-one can interpret the truth better than the author. The Holy Ghost is the author of the Bible and so he is the best interpreter of the truth.

The Holy Spirit networks scriptures and delivers an amazing product.

Job 33:21-25

The right word is so forceful that it enforces a turnaround.

It is not where you are that matters, it is where you stand.

3. A Word in Season.
There is a word in season that clears weariness and delivers a refreshing. It addresses your present situation and delivers your victory.

From now on you will never lack ‘on the spot’ word that delivers your turnaround.

The ministry of the Holy Ghost

John 14:26
We cannot access the mysteries of the word with our intellect. Isaiah 26:9; 1 Cor 2:12

God’s word is genetically prophetic.

What is light? The entrance of His word gives light. The spiritual understanding of the truth gives light. Everything produces to the level of your understanding of it.

Col 1:8-10

Understanding makes you supernaturally fruitful. Spirit understanding guarantees proofs in your life.

Spirit understanding = light.

My prayer is that this month shall be a month of lights for you in Jesus name. Light will distinguish itself in darkness. Ephesians 5:14

Awake from your slumber, casual christianity, else you will never encounter light. Your situation will remain the same until you arise to take responsibility for a turnaround.

How to boost your spiritual understanding:
1. By praying for wisdom.
2. Pray that the Holy Ghost enlighten your understanding.
3. Through the ministry of the prophets.
4. Press in study.
And then it comes to pass.

Acts 8:26-35. The Ethiopian Eunuch needed understanding. There are people that are sent your way to boost your spiritual understanding.

Notes by Ike Amadi