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The Turnaround Power of the Word by David Oyedepo pt 1

How to Get Your Turnaround Pt 1

God will kill anyone in order to free you.
Today, your prison doors will open.

Acts 12
The angel didn’t have Peter run, he brought him out with dignity.

Psalm 126:1
You are coming out with dignity in Jesus name. Psalm 103:20

Anyone that challenges your liberty will fall down dead.

Even Jesus needed angelic visitation. Angels were involved in every vital part of Jesus’ life.
Somebody’s freedom is ready.

The intensity of light from the word of God determines the level of your command in life.

1. The Sent Word

Wake up! You are overdue for a change.

Your own package this month shall not be lost to carelessness, carnality or procrastination.

To command a turnaround, you need a sent word.

A word that will secure your generations must come for you this month.

I don’t care your rating today, by your encounter this night, God is turning you into a hero.

The world may have put you aside, but this month God will bring you out.

Pray: Lord, send me my word this month. My word for the next phase of my turn around has come.

When his word came, his turnaround came. Psalm 105:19-20

Your turnaround word is coming for you this month, in the name of Jesus.

2. The Right Word

The Holy Ghost intepreted word.
John 6:25 How forcible are right words.

Job 33:23-25- The Holy Ghost shows us who were are in Christ.

Turnaround by Holy Ghost interpreted word. Psalm 34:5

Trusting in men has been the trap of many a great destiny. You are looking in many directions that’s why you are blurred.

3. The word in Season
Isaiah 50:4

A word that applies to your present situation. The word that deals with what you are currently going through.

Psalm 56:3

Every time fear knocks on the door, send faith to answer, and you’ll discover there is no one there.

A word in season is coming to season your life with salt.

John 16:12-13 The Holy Ghost will show you the right things to speak.

The Holy Ghost is the voice we call Rhema, He is the revelation that gives insight. He is the master interpreter of the truth. That’s why you need to be thoroughly baptised and freshly filled so that you can be connected to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

IF you are not saved, you are not safe. Salvation is the security of your destiny.

by Bishop David Oyedepo