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The true meaning of fellowship.

Those who are in real FELLOWSHIP, do not;

F – Fear not 1 John 4:18
E – Envy not Gal 5:26
L – Lie not Col 3:9
L – Lust not 1 Cor. 10:6
o – Oppress not Lev. 25:17 –
W – Withhold not. Prov. 3:27
S – Speak not evil of your brother or sister. You kill them with your words. James 4:11
H – Hate not. Lev 19:17
I – Imagine not evil against one another. Zech 7:10;
P – Partake not of sin. 1 Tim 5:22

Rebuke people who are going back into sin!!
Rebuke them and save their souls!!

@thelaFamily Fellowship
Things to do because you are in fellowship

F – Forgive and forbear. Col. 3:13
E – Edify and Exhort. Rom 14:19 Heb 3:13 Challenge one another daily.
L – Love one another John 13:34-35
L – Like-minded. Romans 15:5
O – Observe the word without partiality. 1 Tim 5:21
W – Weep with one another. Rom 12:15 Checking up with one another.
S – Serve one another. You don’t sit back and judge those serving. Join and serve. Gal 5:13
H – Humble with each other. 1 Pet 5:5
I – Intercede one for another. James 5:16
P – Prefer others. Rom 12:10

The Lord has called us into fellowship, and as we look at our lives, let us not feel condemned if we are not measuring up, rather let us go to the cross for God to renew our mind in Jesus name.

Culled from a teaching by W.F. Kumuyi