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The Time for God’s Manifestation in Your Life Has Come by Dr D.K Olukoya

The Time for God’s Manifestation in Your Life Has Come
by Daniel Olukoya

Romans 8:19 (read in different versions)

A lot of Christians are a disgrace to heaven; they are an embarrassment to heaven. A pollution to divine altar, and embarrassment to the holy of holies.

Your family is waiting for you to manifest. Your church is waiting for your manifestation. They are waiting to see what God has planted in you from the foundation of the earth, but you remain where you are, no manifestation.

They are a failure to the school of power, a burden to the angels. They have become valueless and empty vessels. They are at church, but not in church.

How is it possible that somebody will use magic on a child of God and it will catch him or her?

In heaven, there will be no title for bishop. You’ll realise that there is no great man of God anywhere. What is available is small men in the hands of a great God.

Don’t pursue healing without the healer.

Until you shine, many will not shine.

Until you manifest, many heads will never rise.

There is an expectation from this generation concerning you. It is compulsory that you manifest. And when you begin to manifest, no one cares about your color or your background.

Therefore I decree that divine manifestation must take root in your life in Jesus name. Those who are mocking you will be the first to honor you when you manifest.

What does it mean to manifest. To manifest means to reveal; to unveil, to disclose, to take off the mask, to turn on the light, for you to enter your season, for you to arrive at the time of your divine exhibition.

One prayer we need to pray with boiling anger tonight is, Every covering stopping your manifestation, must be roasted and they must get up so that you must manifest.

There are so many people under cover.

David was like that – covered. Even when Samuel came to the house to look for the next king, he missed him and wanted to anoint someone else, they did not even invite David. He was so covered, the didn’t even invite him. He was a king in the bush. A king who did not look like a king.

There are millionaires here who have been covered and it is a serious matter.

The creature is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.
It is not talking of children here…there are many children who have potentials without manifestation. Manifestation is for sons.

There are many people who are cemented and aligned for failure.

Take for example, a person if he manifests will become a professor of medicine, but he had a herbalist father who teaches him incarnations.

Pray: My Father wake me up from my destiny slumber.

My Father, align me to your divine agenda

My Father, plug me into your divine calendar

My Father, walk me into your purpose and timing

My Father, bring me into the realms of power

My Father, make my days cooperate with your plan for my life.

We have prayers to pray, but firstly we need to find God. We need to find him as aggressively as you can.

There was a man who would steal lands and when taken to court, he would mysteriously kill the lawyers fighting against him.

Until he met a Christian lawyer and there was a change,…he died.

We need to manifest as sons of God.

We are not here to play, it is a very serious matter. Rom 8:19 is telling us black and white that the children of God are not manifesting and that’s why Nigeria is like this.

Receive Jesus into your life first so that you can be able to manifest.

Anybody not willing to sweat in prayer should not bother praying this pray.

Many persons have been covered from birth. You were put in a polythene bag.

Pray: Every dark covering upon my destiny, catch fire in the name of Jesus ! (Pray it vehemently)

Anointing of the tail, anointing of the bottom, I am not your candidate. Die!! in the name of Jesus!

Prayer over Manna Water

In your power, move upon these waters in the name of Jesus.

Those who saw you before, when they see a new you, they’ll give glory to your father in heaven.

Call your name loud and clear

Ike Amadi, hear the word of the Lord, wake up from any destiny slumber!! in the name of Jesus!

Jesus spoke to the deaf man and shouted at the gate blocking that ear. The Bible said he shouted, Ephratha, meaning open!

Those closed doors in my life, Ephratha!!

May the Lord bless you
You’ll go from strength to strength and glory to glory
any power that wants to attack you, as a result of your prayers tonight shall be massively disgraced. And your testimonies shall come by fire in Jesus name!

Let’s share the grace!

Shout seven thunderous hallelujah!

Notes by Ikechukwu Amadi