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The Priority and the Pursuit of a Transformed Soul. by W. F. Kumuyi

Hope in God. Those troubles you see today you shall see them no more. Psalm 46:6,11

Your time has now come. God is our priority, he is our pursuit. Matthew 6:31-33

NO more worry in your life, no perplexity in your life, no confusion in your life.

Rom 8:32 – God will freely give us all things that we need. Today is your day in Jesus name. 3 John 2.

You will prosper in everything you do. Your health will prosper. As you seek the Lord, you will find him in Jesus name.

Nothing is over, we are starting afresh. New strength, new power, healing in your body, strength in your soul, power in your spirit, prosperity in your job, and the work of God will prosper in your hands in Jesus name.


Hopelessness is over. Sadness is over. This is your day, your day of blessing!