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The Other Side Of King Asa

I waas teaching the teenagers Sunday School Class this morning on the topic, ‘Rely on God!’ The text was 2 Chronicles 16 which gave an account of the last days of King Asa; how that he relied on Ben-hadad king of Syria, because of Baasha king of Israel.

It further showed how that a prophet came to him to announce God’s displeasure with that act. (2 Chron 16:7-9)

After we finished the study, Chioma, one of the teenagers in my class asked a question, ‘Excuse me, in my CRK class, they taught us that Asa was a king who feared God, and destroyed all the idols; he also unseated his mother who worshiped idols. How then is it that Asa is now portrayed differently, by you?’

Yep. She was right. 1 kings 15 gave a summary account of Asa’s reign, especially the good he did.

Cross-referencing 1 Kings 15 and 2 Chronicles 14 – 16, I observed that most of the good Asa did, he did in his youth. In his old age, however, he began to rely on his own strength and connections. That earned him God’s hot displeasure.

Did he repent? No! Was he the first to sin? No! David messed up totally, and dishonored God by lying with Uriah’s wife, but when Nathan the prophet came to his house, he confessed his sin, and repented; not so Asa.

Asa would later imprison the messenger of God. Sadly, perhaps as repercussion for his living in self conceit, he developed a disease in his feet. Had he called on to God, he would have been forgiven. Asa would then rely on the physicians for his healing. Did they heal him? No. He died a diseased king.

A lot to learn from Asa. One lesson I won’t forget in a hurry is, Rely on God.

God can help you. God can deliver you. Same God who helped you in the valley will help you on the mountain. Don’t shift camp. Stay with Jesus!

Rely on God.

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